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Free Full Download Settlers 7 v 1.10razor1911 crack

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21 July 2011, Section: Games    
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Eng+Rus/2008/Full/Rip)

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Eng+Rus/2008/Full/Rip)
Year: 2008 | PC Game | Developer: EA Los Angeles | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 3,11 GB
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / 3D
Author: eragonbk, read more

5 May 2011, Section: Games    
 Manhunt 2 (PC/ENG/RELOADED)
Year: 2009 l Platfm: PC l Language: English l Developer: Rockstar London l Publisher: Rockstar Games l Size 3.76 GB
Genre: Modern Action Adventure
F six years he spent in the nuthouse, Daniel Lam no time deprived of reason. Degree, a prestigious job, a loving wife and two small children - what is it* Fruit being enacted imagination past life, remaining outside the damned hospital* Blurred memies of participating in a secret experiment, and the hundreds of psychopaths, murderers, trapped in these walls ... month after month, questions tmented mind, which vainly searching f answers. But one project Pikman entered into the next phase.
Author: bka_pro, read more

26 March 2012, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
AUTODESK AUTOCAD v2013 Win 32bit
AUTODESK AUTOCAD v2013 WIN 32bit | 1.14 GB
Author: bluestar89, read more

24 June 2011, Section: Games    
Black and White Anthology (2002-2006/ENG/RUS/RePack by R.G ReCoding) LS

Black and White Anthology
Black and White Anthology (2002-2006/ENG/RUS/RePack by R.G ReCoding)
Year: 2002 - 2006 l Platform: PC l Language: English & Russian l Developer: Lionhead Studios l Publisher: Electronic Arts l 2.94 GB
Genre: Strategy (God Sim / Real-time) / 3D

Author: tintinmccc, read more

27 February 2011, Section: Software    
Speed Gear 7.1

Speed Gear 7.1 | 1.88 MB

Speed Gear 7.1 The best games speed hack Software, hack games speed with one click! Speed Gear is a fantastic speed hack software to change game speed. It can hack the speed of all kinds of games. Speed Gear is very easy-to-use, you can press an easily accessible hotkey to speed game up, slow game down or adjust game to the speed you feel most comfortable with. Speed Gear will give you brand new experience while playing games. For example; with this program you can slow down action games so that you can beat boss easily.
Author: tomcaty, read more

17 July 2011, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Autodesk Maya 2012 X86/X64

Autodesk Maya 2012 X86/X64 (100% Active) | 2.84 GB

Autodesk Maya offers a cross-cutting experts of the creative process with a complete set of tools for 3D animation, modeling, simulations, and visual effects, rendering, compositing and motion tracking based on easily expandable platform. All of these capabilities in a single application of exceptional value for specialists in computer graphics. Maya 2012 can now run on 64-bit platform, the Mac OS X. The new version improved user interface, procedures, character animation and interaction with the viewport, adds new features 3D editing, built-in color management.
Author: golemsonbi, read more

17 July 2012, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Perfect Photo Suite v6.1 (ISO)

Perfect Photo Suite v6.1 (ISO) | 2.01 GB

Create extraordinary images in less time than ever before with Perfect Photo Suite 6.1. With seven powerful products, integrated to work together seamlessly, you'll have everything you'll need to solve the most common problems in digital photography, maximize your creativity and realize your photographic vision.
Author: champosta, read more

22 October 2010, Section: Games    
FIFA 2011 (2010) - REloaded
Publisher: EA
Developer: EA SPORTS
Genre: SPORT
Release Date: Sep,2010
Release Size: ~ 6 GB
Author: nightstar90, read more

8 July 2011, Section: Games    
Star War : Knights of the Force (2011/PC/ENG/RUS)
Star War : Knights of the Force (2011/PC/ENG/RUS)

Year:2011 | PC Game | Developer: Lucas Arts & Osman Gunyaz | Publisher: Lucas Arts | 3,95 Gb
Genre: Action

Author: nongdanictu, read more

10 August 2011, Section: Music    
VA - Bounce Vol 5 (2011)

VA - Bounce Vol 5 (2011)
Label: ZYX | Mp3 | 255 kbps avg | 156:47 Min | 296 Mb
Genre: Dance
Author: golemsonbi, read more

16 August 2010, Section: Games    
Dune 2000: Long Live for Fighters (1998/ENG/RIP)

Dune 2000: Long Live for Fighters (1998/ENG/RIP) | PC | 120 mb

Game Dune 2000 is a continuation of all your favorite sagas of Arakis planet and its inhabitants. The game is essentially a refinement Dune 2. In Dune 2000 is significantly improved graphics and control. Drawn again units, buildings, special effects. The graphics in high-level and very different from the graphics in the game Dune 2. If you are fond of stories about the planet Arakis, then you must play the game Dune 2000.Kak in Dune 2, there are three main playable factions - Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen. There are also four non-playing sub-fractions: Corrino, Fremen, mercenaries and smugglers.
Author: kotebombole, read more

3 September 2011, Section: E-Books    
Catia Pro - Products and Assembly Design Course

Catia Pro - Products and Assembly Design Course | 3.30 GB
Genre: eLearning

119 fully illustrated tutorials (Video and Audio Narrations) with more than 6.0 Hours of viewing time. Shows all possible details, from very beginning to advanced level. Academic Learning Style. Demonstrating every mouse click along the way, and using class room training methods. Goes through every subject, and shows every possible practical tips and design aspects.

CATIA is the leading modelling package in the world with huge number of tools and abilities. Learning such a package requires plenty of time and serious effort to enable you to master its use at the required level with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the package. It is not easy to find a comprehensive and easy way to understand the CATIA package and be competent in using it.
Author: yuriandrea, read more

21 March 2011, Section: Software » Office    
Microsoft Office Professional 2007 FULL Cracked
Microsoft Office Professional 2007 FULL Cracked
Author: bluestar89, read more

15 October 2012, Section: Software    
FTP Synchroniser Pro

FTP Synchroniser Pro | 4.8 Mb

FTP Synchronizer can synchronize files between local computers and remote FTP servers. FTP Synchronizer will identify changed web pages automatically so you don't need to pick and upload them one-by-one via normal FTP client. It has all of the necessary functions for updating web sites!
Author: Xyeta, read more

25 April 2010, Section: Games    
Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes From Liberty City 2010 ENG HF_2010

Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes From Liberty City 2010 ENG HF_2010 |16G

Title: Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City

Year: 2010

Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person

Publisher: Rokstar North

Type of release: License (downloaded from steam)

Language: Englis
Author: hienkbmns, read more

28 February 2011, Section: Software » Others    
All data for Cars Collection

All data for Cars Collection
Autodata 3.24 + Alldata 10.20 (2010)
Mitchell ondemand (2010)
Vivid Workshop DataATI, v.10.2 (2011)
TecDoc 4 Quarter (2010)
ETKA 7.0 & 7.2 (ETKA Project 2011) All Updates + VIN Enable Multilingual

Alldata 10.20 (2010) | 167GB
Mitchell ondemand (2010) | 73GB
Autodata 3.24 | 1.4GB
Vivid Workshop DataATI, v.10.2 (2011) | 2.6GB
TecDoc 4 Quarter (2010) | 19GB
ETKA 7.0 & 7.2 (ETKA Project 2011) All Updates + VIN Enable Multilingual | 3.46 GB
Author: lamduc, read more

17 February 2011, Section: Software    
Microsoft Windows 7 [Professional] Edition With SP1-ZWTiSO

Microsoft Windows 7 [Professional] Edition With SP1-ZWTiSO
Size: 2.20 GB
Author: le_taon, read more

12 July 2011, Section: Software    
eComStation 2.0 GA!

eComStation 2.0 GA | 2.08 GB

eComStation 2.0 GA (final version) was released in May 2010 during a conference Warpstock Europe 2010. A new version of eComStation can be purchased now.
The distinctive features of the new version is to install and boot from the file system JFS (optionally available to choose from HPFS), as well as multiprocessor support, which is especially important for modern multi-core computers. In addition, many components of the updated operating system, added support for today's drivers.
Author: queenluck, read more

25 September 2011, Section: Software    

Roxio WinOnCD Creator 2011-RESTORE | 2.55 GB
Roxio WinOnCD Creator 2011-RESTORE | 2.55 GB
Author: 2kkl, read more

6 June 2012, Section: Games    
EYEDivine Cybermancy v1.3 (2011/multi2/Lossless Total RePack by RG Packers)

EYEDivine Cybermancy v1.3 (2011/multi2/Lossless Total RePack by RG Packers)
2011 | PC | English/Russian |Developer: Studio On Streum | Publisher: Streum On Studio | 1.67GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

As strange as a member of a secret society EYE, you wake up after the battle, in which were killed by your teammates. EYE the armed branch Secreta Secretorum, trying to fight the powerful Federation a coalition of several worlds and planets controlled by a brutal dictator.
Author: thaolun, read more

22 March 2011, Section: Games    
Settlers IV Gold Edition.

Settlers IV Gold Edition
Mac OS X | English | Blue Byte Studio GmbH | 1.08 GB
Genre: Simulation
Author: nhammen, read more

31 January 2010, Section: Software » Operating System    
Microsoft Genuine Advantage Validation Tool 3.0

This is the version 3.0 of MICROSOFT GENUINE ADVANTAGE TOOL | Size : 5.3 MB
Author: laser, read more

10 February 2012, Section: Software » Desktop Enhancements    
Stardock Icon Packager 5.0

Stardock Icon Packager 5.0 | 321 MB

IconPackager is a program that allows users to change nearly all of their Windows icons at once by applying \"packages\" of icons. A package of icons contains icons to replace most of the common icons on your Windows PC.
Author: vipmusic77, read more

7 May 2010, Section: Games    
Mystery Cruise v1.0-DELiGHT

Mystery Cruise v1.0-DELiGHT
English | PC | Publisher: Alawar Entertainment | 129.4 MB
Genre: Action Adventure

Author: Dariver, read more

9 January 2010, Section: Software » System Tools    

Vista7 Slic Ldr 2.3.8 (08-01-2010) FINAL

Vista7 Slic Ldr 2.3.8 (08-01-2010) FINAL

Windows 7 Slic Loader 2.3.8 - a new activator of January 8, for operating systems Windows 7 h86/64 any revisions. Activate your Windows 7 in one click. Activate your copy of windows 7, all edition or uninstall all crack (bootmgr, bootloader or key / cert) in one click.
Author: tomcaty, read more

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