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2 November 2009, Section: Movies » TV Shows    
Ghost Adventures - S02E07 - Moon River Brewing Company

Ghost Adventures - Moon River Brewing Company
Author: qposter, read more

22 January 2010, Section: Software » Others    
Pitch Black (2000) HD 1080p

Pitch Black (2000) HD 1080p
English | HD 1080p | 1920x800 ? 23.976fps ? x264 | DTS 1536 kbps | 11 GB
Genre: Mystery | Thriller

The space transport vessel "Hunter-Gratzner" carrying 40 people on-board crashes on a desert planet when the ship is struck in a meteor storm. There are only 10 survivors, among them are pilot Carolyn Fry (Who has assumed command after the ship's captain is killed), bounty hunter William J. Johns, religious man Abu "Imam" al-Walid, Antiques dealer Paris P. Ogilvie, runaway teenage girl Jack, settlers John 'Zeke' Ezekiel and his lover Sharon 'Shazza' Montgomery and Richard B. Riddick, a dangerous escaped convict. Marooned, the 10 survivors finds the barren and hot desert-scape has sunlight from three suns. Not only they find food and water, and worry about Riddick, the survivors finds themselves being hunted by the planet's flesh eating alien inhabits, when the planet is engulfed in darkness, which happens every 22 years, as they come out on to the surface to hunt and eat all signs of life. Fry and the survivors finds Riddick is their best chance of survival, as Riddick has surgically-enhanced silver eyes that allow him to see in the dark as they set out to find a way of escaping from the planet and getting to a escape shuttle, before they all get eaten by the creatures on the surface.
Author: creativelivenew, read more

15 August 2010, Section: Software » Internet Tools    
NetSupport School Professional 10.50.14

NetSupport School Professional 10.50.14 | 25 Mb

NetSupport School helps teachers and trainers improve the efficiency of ICT teaching by centrally instructing students on their computer. Maintain student focus by monitoring application and web usage, track language lab audio activity, improve support through online help and chat requests and save time by automatically sending and collecting work files or quickly polling the class and showing instant results.
Author: laser, read more

21 August 2011, Section: Games    
Tropico 4 2011 MULTI

Tropico 4 2011 MULTI | 3.7 GB

In the rapidly changing world, where the empires are only shadows of their former greatness, and new players flexing its muscles, somewhere in the middle of the ocean of life's adversities lost a tiny island of bad luck. Turn impoverished banana republic into a thriving seaside resort, make its citizens happy, shoot those who disagree with you, and do not forget about your own offshore bank account.
Author: tanya-j, read more

5 August 2011, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
AC3D 6.8.14

AC3D 6.8.14 | 12.0 MB | English

Use AC3D to create 3D models for: games, virtual reality and flight simulation, scientific, medical and general data visualisation, rapid prototypes of 3D designs, high resolution 3D renderings, Google Earth, Second Life and much more.
Author: flowerbud, read more

3 May 2010, Section: Software    
Divx Plus 8.0 v1.0.1.25

Divx Plus 8.0 v1.0.1.25 | 38.2 MB
The next generation of DivX video!

The next generation of DivX video! Download DivX Plus? Software to play DivX?, AVI, MKV, MOV and MP4 video with our media player. Or watch these videos in other popular media players like Windows Media Player or Media Player classic. Purchase DivX Pro to create your own HD DivX videos.
Author: thewanderer90, read more

24 July 2011, Section: Software » Operating System    
Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop

Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop
Category: Software

Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop
Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop

Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop (PC/ISO/DVD) | 4.1GB
Author: eragonbk, read more

28 March 2011, Section: Software    


Autodesk Alias Design software enables designers to rapidly develop and communicate product design concepts using sketches, illustrations, photorealistic renderings, and animations. A version ? Autodesk Alias Design for Inventor ? is also available. It is built specifically for Inventor? users and provides integrated freeform shape modeling capabilities directly within the Inventor environment.
Author: marry, read more

26 October 2011, Section: Software    
KeepTool | 64.9 Mb
The KeepTool 9 family gathers together three Oracle productivity tools each addressing a specific purpose and available separately. But each of the three products - Hora ER Diagrammer und PL/SQL Debugger - is also designed to work with the other two and shares a common design philosophy. Our goal is to make our products easy and intuitive to use. KeepTool 9 is updated many times each year to enhance its existing functionality and to incorporate new features of the Oracle database.
Author: Frenzz, read more

9 September 2011, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium Update 1 by m0nkrus (2xDVD)

Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium Update 1 by m0nkrus (2xDVD) | 5.58 GB

SoftwareAdobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium is a set of necessary toolsfor designing engaging content for print, bright digital issues,professional electronic books, the dynamic of PDF, web sites based onstandards HTML5/CSS3 and interactive content that will appear in concerton the screens of all sizes.
Author: eragonbk, read more

18 January 2012, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Engelmann Media MakeMe3D

Engelmann Media MakeMe3D | 25.0 MB | Multilanguage

In the movies nothings works anymore without 3D; now the technique enters the home cinema and even the PC. Engelmann Software presents the world premiere Windows-Software MakeMe3D, which can convert existing 2D-videos automatically into the third dimension. The new 3D-videos are compatible to the known Anaglyph 3D glasses and to the new Stereoscopic 3D Hardware.
Author: flowerbud, read more

12 December 2009, Section: Software    
Netsupport School Professional v10.50.3

Netsupport School Professional v10.50.3 | 23 Mb

NetSupport School teachers and instructors can enhance learning in the classroom, centrally instructing their Students on their PC, focus their attention by controlling the use of applications and the Internet, and save time by quickly polling the class and showing instant rezultaty.Prepodavateli can also record all screen, the keyboard and mouse on a student workstation to review later or to scroll through the data for the whole class.
Author: creativelivenew, read more

9 May 2011, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Bryce Pro Mac OSX

Bryce Pro Mac OSX

Bryce Pro
Mac OS X | Mac Platform: UB | 780.32 MB
Author: bestsoft84, read more

23 October 2010, Section: Software    
Bricscad Pro -QN

Bricscad Pro -QN
Bricscad Pro | 154.8 MB
Author: quynhnhu139, read more

10 August 2010, Section: Software    
Windows 7 Ultimate TB-Group x86x64 Full Updates 1.2

?? Windows 7 ???? ??????????? ? ?????? ??????? ????????????? ? ???????? ? ???? ????????? ??????? ? ?????? ??????????????????. Aero Peek, ?????? ???????????, ??????????? ????????? ???????? ?????? ? ???????? ???? - Windows 7 ???????? ?????? ? ?? ? ????????? ????? ????????????? ? ??? ??????? ????? ?? ???? ????
Author: Last_Poster8, read more

6 December 2011, Section: Software » All In One (AIO)    
Software and Applications 0day Pack 1116 - TL

Software and Applications 0day Pack 1116 - TL | 2.60 GB
Author: is2it01606, read more

8 May 2010, Section: Graphics » Vectors    
Green Frames vector

Green Frames vector
2 AI Files | + preview | 12.35 Mb
Author: gfxsky, read more

20 April 2010, Section: Graphics » Wallpapers    
Amazing Nature Full HD Wallpapers Pack 2

Amazing Nature Full HD Wallpapers Pack 2
20 | JPEG | 18 ?? | 1920 X 1080
Author: mister12, read more

20 July 2012, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Daniusoft WMA MP3 Converter

Daniusoft WMA MP3 Converter | 4.56 MB | English

Daniusoft WMA MP3 Converter is a powerful yet easy-to-use WMA MP3 software that can convert DRM WMA to MP3 and other music files in high quality.
Author: flowerbud, read more

24 January 2012, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Corel Painter v12.1.0.1213 MacOSX
Corel Painter v12.1.0.1213 MacOSX | 249 MB

Corel Painter 12 is the world's leading digital art software. Its combination of inventive drawing tools, Natural- Media brushes, image cloning capabilities and virtually unlimited customization options give you total freedom for creative expression. Internationally recognized for its RealBristle? brushes, Painter offers the most realistic form of digital painting available in the digital art realm. And with the introduction of new Real Watercolor and Real Wet Oil brushes, plus exciting creative features exclusive to this version, Painter continues to change what's possible in art!
Author: is2it01606, read more

5 August 2009, Section: Music    
Aleksandra Radovic 2009

1. Bivsi dragi
2. Brod budala
3. Daleko od ociju
4. Otpisi sve bivse
5. Mirno more
6. Ni zadnji ni prvi
7. Da te ne volim bar
Author: qposter, read more

8 April 2010, Section: Software » Others    
Stuff (UK) ?magazine  May 2010

Stuff (UK) ?magazine May 2010|165MB

This is a Journal with much useful information about the movies, fashion, music ...
Author: hienkbmns, read more

27 September 2009, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Video Watermark Factory v1.0

Video Watermark Factory v1.0
Need to add watermarks to video files?
Author: qposter, read more

11 February 2010, Section: Software » Downloaders    
JDownloader for Rapidshare, Megaupload etc DLT

JDownloader for Rapidshare, Megaupload etc | 26.9 MB

JDownloader is open source, platform independent and written completely in Java. It simplifies downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like or - not only for users with a premium account but also for users who don't pay.
Author: hienkbmns, read more

5 January 2010, Section: Software » Downloaders    
RapidShare NOlimit 2010 Lastest Release

RapidShare NOlimit 2010 Lastest Release | 11 MB

Do you want to download anything from RapideShare without buying premium accounts, with no limit on the speed and without expectations? Then this program is for you! We downloaded many programs that promise to bypass restrictions Rapidshare, but few of them meet our requirements.

This program is not fake, it works 100%!
Author: hienkbmns, read more

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