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15 December 2012, Section: Games    
The Walking Dead: The Game. Episode 1 to 5 *Crackfix* (2012/MULTi2/RePack by Audioslave)

The Walking Dead: The Game. Episode 1 to 5 *Crackfix* (2012/MULTi2/RePack by Audioslave)
Year: 2012 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Telltale Games | Publisher: Telltale Games | 1.43 GB
Genre: Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person

The Walking Dead: The Game - adventure game with elements of "horror." Plot of the highlights of the new adventures of "survivors" that are reasonably set out to escape from Atlanta in the light of the invasion of zombies. Look at what happened in the early days of the apocalypse suddenly nagryanuvshaya, and take part in the events that somehow intersect with the exploits of Sheriff Rick Grimes.
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

4 December 2011, Section: Games    
Jungle Kartz PAL WII - iCON
Jungle Kartz PAL WII-iCON
English | Platform: Wii | Release: November 30, 2011 | Publisher: Nordic Games | Developer: Brain in a Jar | 4.34 GB
Genre: Racing
Author: nguyenvantrinh, read more

28 January 2010, Section: Games    
GT Racing Game (FuLL / Rip)

GT Racing Game (FuLL / Rip) | 1.08 GB

Genre: GT / Street Racing

Not without its quirks, 10tacle's GTR is nonetheless a supremely engrossing, painstakingly intricate sports car racing simulator that's aimed principally at the ultrahardcore simulation addict, yet it wields enough versatility and fully customizable "detuning" to thoroughly indoctrinate newcomers and even please steadfast arcade racers.
Author: crab22, read more

2 October 2010, Section: Games    
Chrome SpecForce (Rip)

Chrome SpecForce (Rip)
PC game | English | Genre: Action | 289 MB

Distant future. The expansion of mankind into space continues. All new and new worlds merge with the Federation, and all the more difficult it becomes to keep them under control.On the outskirts of the inhabited planets of the cosmos is flourishing crime, undermining the stability of the interstellar state. You can change this situation. Join the special forces - and get the best trained army, the most sophisticated weapons, as well as the chance to become the hero of the Federation!
Author: boeingbimbim, read more

13 October 2011, Section: Games    
Dota 2 (2011/ENG/BETA)

Dota 2 (2011/ENG/BETA)
Year: 2011 | PC | English | Developer: Valve Corporation | Publisher: Valve Corporation | 1.39 Gb
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D

DotA 2 - This is a strategy game with RPG eelementami, developed by Valve Software with direct involvement IceFrog'a, creator of the original map DotA for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.
Author: dlsoftsdotnet, read more

7 April 2011, Section: Games » Console Games    

07.04.2011 | English | PS3 | Published : THQ | 1.84 GB
Genre: Party

From the makers of the hit ICE AGE series comes RIO, a 3D comedy adventure about Blu, a rare domesticated bird who travels to the exotic land of Rio. In this multiplayer video game, Blu goes on the adventure of his life, with the help of his female counterpart, Jewel, and a group of wise-cracking and smooth-talking city birds! Blu and his new friends journey through Rio, dodging soccer balls, collecting tropical fruits and soaring across the beach. He participates in amazing games and ultimately, forms a conga line and dances his way to first place at the Carnaval ceremony. While the main character is Blu, players will also have a chance to play as the other characters from the movie in this multiplayer party game!
Author: boeingbimbim, read more

8 October 2014, Section: Games » Console Games    

Publisher: 2K Sports | Developer: 2K Sports | Retail Date: Oct 7, 2014
Platform: PS3 | Region: Region Free | Genre: Sports, Basketball
Language: English | Size: 8.89 GiB

Nominated for 70 'Game of the Year' Awards, the NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K15, our most true-to-life NBA experience yet.
Author: agentofheart, read more

10 February 2011, Section: Games    
FlatOut 2 (2008/Eng/MacOS)

FlatOut 2 (2008/Eng/MacOS) | 3.2 Gb
Author: Poiskovik, read more

29 March 2011, Section: Software    
Trinigy Vision SDK v7.6.3*

Trinigy Vision SDK v7.6.3 | 1.16 Gb

The company Trinigy, engaged in development of game engines, today announced Vision game engine version 7.6.3.The new SDK Vision (Vision SDK) provides a long list of new features, including improved lighting system, allowing you to create physically accurate lighting as stationary objects, and dynamic scenes, taking into account the effect of radiosity (indirect lighting), and normal maps.
Author: marry, read more

3 April 2010, Section: Games    
The Lost Cases of 221B Baker Street (2010/Eng)

The Lost Cases of 221B Baker Street (2010/Eng)

PC Game | Windows | Arcada | Big Fish | 246 MB

Return to Baker Street 221 and assist Sherlock Holmes to investigate and uncover new crimes. Feel free to go for new mysteries and visit the beautiful location of Victorian London. Meet and talk with Mycroft, Inspector Lestrade and Watson, as well as other people. Use your skills I am looking for to catch a very dangerous villain, and close the most difficult thing a century. You expect the difficulties to be overcome!
Author: creativelivenew, read more

9 December 2010, Section: Games    
Alchemia (GamePC)

PC GAME | ISO | English | Developer: Springtail Studio | Publisher: Mamba Game | 57 MB
Genre: Arcade | Puzzle
Author: jerryvoz, read more

12 May 2011, Section: E-Books    
100 Songs for Kids: Easy Guitar with Notes and Tabs

100 Songs for Kids: Easy Guitar with Notes and Tabs
Hal Leonard Corporation | 2002 | PDF | 128 pages | 0634044907 | 3 MB

A massive collection of 100 easy arrangements of such classics as: A-Tisket A-Tasket * Alouette * America, the Beautiful * Baa Baa Black Sheep * Bingo * Eensy Weensy Spider * The Farmer in the Dell * Hickory Dickory Dock * Home on the Range * I've Been Working on the Railroad * If You're Happy and You Know It * John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt * London Bridge * The Muffin Man * Oh! Susanna * Old MacDonald * On Top of Old Smoky * Pop Goes the Weasel * Skip to My Lou * Take Me Out to the Ball Game * Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star * and more!

Author: JustGoodNews, read more

8 June 2012, Section: Software » System Tools    
Battery Optimizer
Battery Optimizer | 5.33 MB

Battery Optimizer is an advanced laptop optimization utility that uses advanced diagnostics and testing to guide you to get better battery life. Battery Optimizer is designed to fix a problem that plagues most people, short laptop battery life. Most other applications just help you manage when your computer goes to sleep. Battery Optimizer goes several steps further and actually tells you how much battery life you can save by turning un-needed features of your laptop off. Giving you those extra minutes you need to save that document or get to the next level in your game. You can then save those settings as a profile so that you can quickly and easily optimize your setting for your current usage at any time.
Author: xiucoi, read more

6 December 2011, Section: Games    
Rainbow Six: Lockdown [Rip] LS

Rainbow Six: Lockdown [Rip] LS
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown
PC game | Language: English | Publisher: Ubisoft | 1.9 GB
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Author: tintinmccc, read more

12 June 2011, Section: Games    
Teenage Mutant Ninja: Turtles (RIP)
Teenage Mutant Ninja: Turtles (RIP)
Year: 2003 | PC | English | Developer: Konami | 134 Mb
Genre: Action
Author: taducthang, read more

23 September 2010, Section: Games    
Dino Crisis 2 (PC/Full/Eng)

Dino Crisis 2 (PC/Full/Eng)
English | PC | Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom | 477 MB
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Adventure
Author: blackstar76, read more

18 September 2011, Section: Games    
Pirates of Black Cove *Update 3* (2011/ENG/RePack by Dark Angel)

Pirates of Black Cove *Update 3* (2011/ENG/RePack by Dark Angel)
Year: 2011 | PC Game | Developer: Nitro Games | Publisher: Paradox Interactive | 889 MB
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D
Author: dlsoftsdotnet, read more

1 August 2010, Section: Games    
[PC] Company of heroes: Online ENG - BETA

Company of heroes: Online ENG - BETA | 5.57 Gb
Author: uploadingru, read more

9 November 2010, Section: Games    
AI War: Fleet Command
AI War: Fleet Command
Author: chocolate89ict, read more

28 February 2012, Section: Games

Infernal (2007/MULTi2/RePack by R.G.BestGamer)
Year: 2011 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer: Metropolis Software | Publisher: Playlogic Entertainment | 1.40 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth

The protagonist of "Hell", Special Agent Ryan Lennox intelligence - not the person. It features the most out of hell hell, hiding among the people. He playfully sophisticated hacking protection system. He amuses himself, with his bare hands fighting puny mortals. Ultramodern techniques and a dark demonic force are in the service agent Lennox - who can turn into a ghost and eat the souls of defeated enemies ...
Author: is2it01606, read more

1 January 2013, Section: Games    
Marvel Trading Card Game-ViTALiTY

Marvel Trading Card Game-ViTALiTY
English | Platform: PC | Release: Octorber 20, 2012 | 2.83 GB
Genre: Music

The hit Vs. System Trading Card Game from Upper Deck and the Marvel Universe collide to bring an intense strategy card battling game that will forever change video gaming! The Marvel Trading Card Game puts you directly into the action, as the world's most powerful Super Heroes and Super Villians wage an epic struggle for supremacy.
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

29 December 2009, Section: Games    
Railroad Lines

Railroad Lines

PC Game | Genre: Simulation | English | 165.95 MB

The game is directed to all railroad and modelling lovers. It?s not a complicated simulator ? it?s a game with clear and simple principles for all those who enjoy railroad. The player has to complete tasks connected with trains service ? either passenger and freight ones. The action takes place in the so-called ?5th Railroad Era? (1990 till now) what directly influences buidlings style, railroad infrastructure and first of all available engines and carriages. At the beginning the player has a given number of points.
Author: crab22, read more

25 October 2011, Section: Games    
The Haunted: Hells Reach (2011/MULTi5)
The Haunted: Hells Reach (2011/MULTi5)
PC | MULTi5 | Developer: KTX Software | Publisher: Valusoft | 2011 | 1.79 GB
Genre: Action

The game takes place in the near future: the demons burst into the world through places that were once dark temples. In the role of the hunter of demons you have to clean up the place breakouts and prevent the apocalypse. Fighting the evil you shook the world: "ghost towns", the high mountain castles, ancient monuments, archaeological sites, and even hell, where you will encounter the demon lord Abaddon.
Author: dlsoftsdotnet, read more

24 March 2012, Section: Music    
VA - Foreign Super Hit (2012)

VA - Foreign Super Hit (2012)
Year: 2012 | mp3 | 128 kbps | Time: 12:20:26 | Number of tracks: 200 | Size: 688 Mb
Genre: Pop / Dance
Author: queenluck, read more

7 April 2010, Section: Games    
Chronostorm (2010)

Genre: strategy (real-time), 3D
Developer: Ulysses Games
Publisher: EuroVideo Bildprogramm GmbH
Platform: PC
Publication Type: license
Language: German
Author: Zipp8106, read more

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