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28 December 2013, Section: Software » Anti-Virus

Nsasoft SpotAuditor 4.8.0 | 5 Mb

SpotAuditor is a Windows utility that offers comprehensive solution for recovering passwords and other critical business information saved in computers. SpotAuditor recovers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Outlook Express, MSN messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Messenger, RDP, ICQ, VNC, Dial up, RAS, VPN, Trillian, Miranda IM, &RQ, Camfrog Video Chat, Easy Web Cam, WinProxy, Total Commander (Windows Commander), Far ftp client, WS_FTP, CuteFTP, File Zilla, FlashFXP ftp client, SecureFX ftp client, WebDrive ftp, FTP Voyager, CoreFTP, CoffeeCup Direct FTP, AutoFTP, FTP Control, FTP Navigator, 32bit FTP passwords and reveals IE Auto Complete Fields saved passwords, recovers passwords stored behind the asterisks (*****). The program also explores Visited URLs, Installed Programs and Start Run Programs on a local machine or remote computers.
Author: girlbigwarez88, read more

28 March 2011, Section: E-Books    
Nuclear Emergency Books Collection

Nuclear Emergency Books Collection
Publisher: N/A | ISBN : N/A | 39 Books | PDF | 352MB

Various nuclear emergency books (mostly research focus).

Author: JustGoodNews, read more

5 April 2011, Section: E-Books    
Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want (Audiobook)

Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want (Audiobook) by James Arthur RayJames Arthur Ray

Hy--rion Audio | 2008 | ISBN: 1401388914 | MP3@128 kbps | 5 hrs 57 mins | 326 Mb

Are you ready to transform your current thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions?
Are you ready to shatter the illusion that it's not "spiritual" to want a fit body or financial wealth?
Are you ready to create outrageous results in every single area of your life?
Author: Book-share, read more

20 March 2011, Section: E-Books » Magazine    

Desire Magazine - March 2011
Desire Magazine - March 2011
True PDF | English | 64 pages | 28.3 MB

Author: tieulykzc, read more

1 March 2012, Section: E-Books » Magazine
Your Healthy Living - March 2012
English | True PDF | 48 pages | 15.95 MB

Your Healthy Living Magazine, our FREE consumer health publication, has a circulation of 100,000 with distribution to health food retailers throughout the UK via our partnership with Tree of Life.
Author: is2it01606, read more

7 September 2011, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
PC Advisor   November 2011

PC Advisor November 2011
English | HQ PDF | 148 pages | 105 Mb
Author: golemsonbi, read more

30 June 2011, Section: E-Books    
Stock Investing For Dummies, 3rd edition

Paul Mladjenovic, "Stock Investing For Dummies, 3rd edition"
For Dummies | 2009 | ISBN: 0470401141 | 384 pages | PDF | 12,1 MB

Now updated! Your expert guide to building a profitable stock portfolio

Want to make money in stocks without losing your shirt? This practical guide gives you proven strategies for weathering the current economic crisis and for selecting and managing profitable investments in either a bear or bull market. You'll navigate the new economic landscape and choose the right stocks for different situations ? and you'll find fresh real-world examples that show you how to maximize your returns.
Author: yuriandrea, read more

2 March 2012, Section: E-Books » Magazine    

Woman & Home Feel Good Food - Spring 2012

Woman & Home Feel Good Food - Spring 2012
English | 156 pages | HQ PDF | 102 Mb
Author: is2it01606, read more

21 December 2011, Section: Software » Portable    
BitTorrent v7.6.0 Build 26618 Portable
BitTorrent v7.6.0 Build 26618 Portable | 6.29 MB

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communications protocol. BitTorrent is a method of distributing large amounts of data widely without the original distributor incurring the entire costs of hardware, hosting and bandwidth resources. Instead, when data is distributed using the BitTorrent protocol, recipients each supply data to newer recipients, reducing the cost and burden on any given individual source, providing redundancy against system problems, and reducing dependence upon the original distributor. Usage of the protocol accounts for significant traffic on the Internet, but the precise amount has proven difficult to measure. There are numerous compatible BitTorrent clients, written in a variety of programming languages, and running on a variety of computing platforms. The protocol was designed in April 2001, implemented and first released 2 July 2001 by programmer Bram Cohen, and is now maintained by BitTorrent, Inc.
Author: is2it01606, read more

5 March 2011, Section: E-Books    
Sensual Massage: A Lover's Guide

Sensual Massage: A Lover's Guide by Susan Mumford

Hamlyn | 2002 | ISBN: 060060599X | 128 pages | PDF | 21 MB

A massage can communicate, restore, and arouse: it's a celebration of sensuality, a lover's delight to give and receive. Having the ability to offer your partner this sensual pleasure brings special feelings of satisfaction and confidence--and you'll learn how to do it with skill, passion, and creativity through these intimate, beautiful photos and accompanying instructions. Preparing for the experience can be wonderful in and of itself, as you set the mood, select fragrant oils, and gently take the time to tune in to each other. Understand the different strokes (effleurage, petrissage, friction), and when and how to use each one.
Author: Book-share, read more

27 June 2011, Section: E-Books    
The Anti-Estrogenic Diet: How Estrogenic Foods and Chemicals Are Making You Fat and Sick

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet: How Estrogenic Foods and Chemicals Are Making You Fat and Sick by Ori Hofmekler

North Atlantic Books | 2007 | ISBN: 155643684X | English | 231 pages | PDF | 2.65 MB

? Lower your risk of metabolic disorders, disease, and chronic weight gain
? Protect yourself against the estrogenic substances in the environment, products, water, and food
? Learn how certain foods and herbs can protect you!
Estrogenic chemicals?known for causing the near extinction of various living species?are found in some of the most common foods we eat.
Author: Book-share, read more

17 June 2011, Section: E-Books    
Gluten-free, Sugar-free Cooking: Over 200 Delicious Recipes to Help You Live a Healthier

Gluten-free, Sugar-free Cooking: Over 200 Delicious Recipes to Help You Live a Healthier, Allergy-Free Life by Susan O'Brien

Da Capo Press | 2006 | ISBN: 1569242933 | English | 256 pages | PDF | 1 MB

With millions of people suffering from food allergies, obesity, and generally less-than-perfect health, the connection between how we feel and the food we eat has never been more apparent. Now, in Gluten-free, Sugar-free Cooking, gourmet chef and food-allergy sufferer Susan O'Brien offers more than 200 great-tasting recipes ? covering everything from breakfast to dessert ? that are perfect for people with food allergies as well as for those who simply want to adopt a more healthy way of eating.
Author: Book-share, read more

21 October 2014, Section: E-Books    
Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 11th Edition

Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 11th Edition by Bertram Katzung and Susan Masters
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0071604057 | 1232 pages | EPUB | 38,5 MB | English

Author: voska89, read more

14 September 2011, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
Men?s Fitness - 2011 UK-P2P

Mens Fitness - 2011 UK-P2P
Format: PDF | Pages: 180 pages | Size: 45 Mb

Mens Fitness celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, proactive lifestyle. Recognises that every man carries the key to living more sucessfully, enjoyably and completely. Health and fitness articles abound for the man to improve physique and stamina.
Author: creativelivenew, read more

10 November 2010, Section: E-Books    
The Five Forces of Wellness: The Ultraprevention System for Living an Active, Age-Defying

The Five Forces of Wellness: The Ultraprevention System for Living an Active, Age-Defying, Disease-Free Life by Mark Hyman

Nightingale-Conant | 2006 | ISBN: 0743561406 | MP3@128 kbps | ~7 hrs | 414 Mb

We all want to enjoy vibrant health all the days of our life. When you apply the strategies you'll learn in The Five Forces of Wellness, this desire moves beyond being something you merely wish for and becomes reality! This revolutionary, science-based program from bestselling author Mark Hyman, M.D. reveals that it is possible to become biologically younger while you grow chronologically older. Unavailable in book form, The Five Forces of Wellness will teach you:
Author: Book-share, read more

19 October 2011, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
Us Weekly - 31 October 2011

Us Weekly - 31 October 2011
English | 80 pages | HQ PDF | 55.00 Mb

Us Weekly magazine is all about the lives and times of your favourite celebrities. With celebrity-friendly stories, avoiding the nasty gossip and scandal-mongering of some other tabloids, Us Weekly brings you the latest news, gossip, interviews, and celebrity fashion and style from the stars. It?s got weddings, divorces, celebrity diets, and hair and beauty, as well as TV, movies, music, stuff for mums, and health advice to keep you on tip-top form. The US Weekly now available by the copy in the UK and beyond...
Author: leoloel, read more

7 July 2012, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
India Today - 16 July 2012
India Today - 16 July 2012
English | 184 pages | True PDF | 46.50 Mb

India Today is the leading news magazine and most widely read publication in India. The magazine?s leadership is unquestioned, so much so that India Today is what Indian journalism is judged by, for its integrity and ability to bring unbiased and incisive perspective to arguably the most dynamic, yet perplexing, region in the world. Breaking news and shaping opinion, it is now a household name and the flagship brand of India?s leading multidimensional media group. Additionally, the weekly brings with it a range supplements like Women, Home, Aspire, Spice and Simply which focus on style, health, education, fashion, etc. and Indian cities.
Author: way_vs, read more

4 February 2012, Section: Movies    
Discovery Health: Depression (2010) Discovery Health: Depression (2010) English | 50mn | DX50 | 640x480 | 1744kbps | 29fps | AC3 | 192kbps | 700 MB Genre: Documentary
For most of us, sadness is a mood that comes and goes, but for others, it becomes a debilitating disease with life threatening implications. In this program we explore the mysteries of Depression. We travel through the realms of diagnosis and treatment; learning how drugs like Prozac and psychotherapy help victims. We also learn about manic depressive behavior and forms of depression unique to men and women. Our host, Kat, discovers electroshock therapy and the promising frontiers of brain imaging and drug research.
Author: is2it01606, read more

23 January 2010, Section: Software » System Tools    
Hard Drive Inspector v3.35 Build 281 Professional & For Notebooks

Hard Drive Inspector v3.35 Build 281 Professional & For Notebooks | 6.31 MB

Hard Drive Inspector is a powerful, effective and easy to use program that monitors hard drive health. The value of information stored on an average computer hard drive often exceeds the value of the computer itself. But a hard drive is one of the most unreliable internal computer devices. When it crashes (which happens quite frequently), the stored information will be lost fully or partially. Subsequent information recovery is either not possible at all, or constitutes a very sophisticated and expensive procedure that can be performed only by specialists.
Author: creativelivenew, read more

29 December 2010, Section: Software » Drivers    
CivCity: Rome (Rip)

CivCity: Rome - NN

CivCity: Rome
PC game | Genre: Historic City-Building | 272 MB

Author: postnew, read more

30 November 2012, Section: Software    
Toshiba Bluetooth Stack 9.10.00(T) Multilingual (x86/x64)

Toshiba Bluetooth Stack 9.10.00(T) Multilingual (x86/x64) | 87.9 MB

Software for connecting external devices, Bluetooth (wireless phones, wireless headsets, digital cameras, etc.) with a PC or laptop. Despite the fact that Toshiba has released a solution for their laptops, devices equipped with Bluetooth, this stack works with almost all currently known devices. Feedback from users it supports all the devices that work with the stack of BlueSoleil, Widcomm and Microsoft
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

10 June 2012, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
Easy Living - July 2012

Easy Living - July 2012
English | PDF | 192 Pages | 95 MB

Easy Living is the brilliant magazine about making your life as great as it can be. In eight inspiring sections - In The Know, Emotions, Fashion, In Depth, Beauty, Health, Food and Homes, you'll find beautiful and useful solutions for every aspect of living as well as fantastic features. It's all you need in one magazine.
Author: xiucoi, read more

20 May 2014, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Imuscle 2 v3.9.1 (Mac OSX)

Imuscle 2 v3.9.1 (Mac OSX) | 215 MB

Author: bestsoft84, read more

19 July 2011, Section: E-Books    
The Morry Method Subliminal
The Morry Method Subliminal
English | MP3 128 kbps 44 KHz Stereo | 2 MP3 | 109 MB
Genre: AudioBook
?Give Me 30mins a Day For The Next 56 Days, I will Show You A New Automatic Way To Master Your Mind Power and Completely Transform Your Entire Life Without Using Any Will Power-- 100% Guaranteed"
"...And If You Don?t See A Dramatic Improvement On Your Mental Power and Every Aspect of Your Life, You DON'T Pay A Penny?
Here is a Revolutionary New Brainwave Entrainment Technology--The Morry Method. It will help you...
easily and automatically get into a deep meditative states of mind faster than a Zen master can...
stop procrastination, boost your motivation and self confidence, develop laser-sharp focus and concentration to get more things done in less time...
naturally reduce stress, anxiety, tension and worry. invite peace, calm into your life...
dissolve the mental and emotional blocks and resistance that hold you back from success...
create new neural pathways in your brain, change patterns of perception and information transfer in the brain, thereby create new ways of experiencing yourself and your world...
dramatically increase your mental power to grasp new concepts faster, significantly increase your memory retention, boost your creativity and your mental clarity...
tap into your subconscious mind and unlock the door to your inner potential that will enable you become the person you really want to become..
Read on to discover more...
Author: Whisky, read more

8 December 2011, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
Diabetic Living Australia - January/February 2012

Diabetic Living Australia - January/February 2012
English | 148 pages | HQ PDF | 95.50 Mb

Diabetic Living delivers an abundance of useful health information, tantalising recipes, tips for entertaining, and updates on the latest products, services, and advances in diabetes health. Diabetic Living allows you to rediscover incredibly delicious, no-sacrifice meals.
Author: is2it01606, read more

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