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26 August 2010, Section: Software » Portable    
Portable Digital Audio Editor

Digital Audio Editor Portable | 10.6Mb

Digital Audio Editor is a visual audio editor and recorder software solution, which supports many advanced and powerful operations with audio data.
Author: LuNawes0me0, read more

23 February 2011, Section: Music    
Handel ? The Masterworks (40CD box set) (2004)

Handel ? The Masterworks (40CD box set) (2004)
EAC Rip | 40CDs | FLAC (image) - Cue - Log | No Scans | Release: 2004 | 10.7 GB
Genre: Classic | Label: Brilliant Classics
Author: hvnteam, read more

7 February 2010, Section: Software » Portable    
WM Recorder 14.1

WM Recorder 14.1 | 26MB
Author: drobowik19, read more

26 February 2011, Section: Software » Operating System    
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate RTM WITH SP1 X64 LITE
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate RTM WITH SP1 X64 LITE | 1.32 GB

I took the original 7601.17514.101119-1850_x64fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD from MSDN and made a LITE version using RT7 Lite.
All Credits goes to the great people at Rockers Team.
I have been using this for the last 30 days on different Notebooks(Asus, ACER and DELL) and Desktops(DELL, ACER and some no name brands)
Keep in mind you MUST have your Video drivers, Network Drivers or any other device(Webcam, Sound, ?
After installation (without page file and hibernation) It uses 3.7GB and less than 370MB RAM.
Author: bluestar89, read more

29 October 2010, Section: Software » Multimedia    

Developer eases Wireless Solutions development for the Java developers, managing such development directly in a familiar environment: the Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Hence, the developer will smoothly understand the Java Card specificities. Dedicated Java Card wizards enable easy project creation and Wireless Applications code generation. These Rapid Application Development Wizards are designed with valid default values (always click on next button) to quickly create an operational standard application in a real smart card.
Author: nongdanictu, read more

5 June 2010, Section: Software » Portable    
Digital Music Record Convert Burn Station Portable

Digital Music Record Convert Burn Station Portable | 20.9 Mb

Digital Music Record Convert Burn Station is the most reliable and complete audio software available in its price range. It includes powerful audio tools such as audio converter, audio recorder, CD burner and CD grabber, CD burner .
Comprehensive, well designed, and easy & fun to use, Digital Smart Software offers the best value in audio software.
Author: girlbigwarez88, read more

28 December 2011, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 v2.1.2 MAC OSX
Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 v2.1.2 MAC OSX | 178MB

TRAKTOR PRO 2 is the world-renowned, rock-solid 4-deck DJ software that gets you mixing straight out the box. Now with TRAKTOR 2 Technology Inside for enhanced ease-of-use, performance and creativity, this version boasts a new interface with TruWave colored waveforms for a visually rich experience of your music. Simpler than ever to use, TRAKTOR PRO 2 also sees the arrival of the new Sample Decks and Loop Recorder features for ultimate mix creativity.
Author: is2it01606, read more

4 November 2011, Section: Software » Portable    
Aura 2.7.4t.163 Portable

Aura 2.7.4t.163 Portable | 87.7 MB

The program shows its icon in system tray and plays real delectable sounds of a forest. A click on the icon turns on or off the sounding. Right click opens the Aura Control Board. Here you can assign and adjust sounds, set mute or sounding AutoStart option, Autochange of auras option, Scheduled computer mute/sleep/shutdown option, Assignable alarm-clock sounds, Assignable system hotkeys, Modular live update, choose a language for user interface.
Author: xiucoi, read more

10 February 2011, Section: Software    
iDemo v1.1.0
iDemo v1.1.0 | 3.7 MB

iDemo is a tool that simplifies real-time demonstrations of iPhone apps and games. iDemo connects to your iPhone over WiFi and mirrors your iPhone screen on your desktop, in real-time kinda like Steve Jobs during his keynote presentations.
Author: zerocoolvn, read more

7 July 2011, Section: Software » Multimedia    
WM Recorder 14.9
WM Recorder 14.9 | 23.2 MB

WM Recorder is the easiest, most powerful way to record millions of video and audio files from the internet. Just open WM Recorder, play your video or audio, and it's saved automatically.
Author: zerocoolvn, read more

22 April 2011, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Adrosoft AD Stream Recorder 4.2

Adrosoft AD Stream Recorder 4.2 | 1.68 Mb
Author: blackstar76, read more

21 December 2011, Section: Software » Office    
Dragon Naturally Speaking v11.5 with Instructions
Dragon Naturally Speaking v11.5 with Instructions | 2.73GB

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Professional is the ideal solution for busy corporate professionals who want to work faster and smarter. It enables you to interact with your PC by voice, creating text three times faster than typing with up to 99 percent accuracy. There's no better way to boost productivity and reduce costs across the organization.
Author: bluestar89, read more

18 April 2011, Section: Software » Multimedia    
AD Stream Recorder v4.1.1

WinApp | AD Stream Recorder 4.1.1 | 1.68 Mb

AD Stream Recorder is a sound record program for Windows. It can digitize, visualize and record any signal connected to your sound card as well as live streaming audio including the Internet radio played by the most popular media players into MP3 and WAV format.
Author: zerocoolvn, read more

27 May 2010, Section: Software » Operating System    

Total Training for Windows 7 ? Interactive Video Tutorial with Exercise Files | 1.1Gb

Using a computer these days is a requirement. In order to use a PC without it becoming cumbersome and frustrating, you need to know it?s operating system and how to navigate, find, open, use and manage the system including its hardware, software and files. This course will review some of the old standby features and hone in on the numerous enhancements in this version. You?ll learn the tools to increase reliability, efficiency and security that will optimize the user experience as never before. You?ll also find out what jumping, shaking, snapping, streaming and BitLocking are. See next page for video contents.

Author: takiet, read more

24 November 2009, Section: Software » Multimedia    

n-Track Studio 6.0.7 Build 2528 | Size : 16.2 MB
Author: laser, read more

3 February 2012, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Audio Editor Deluxe v9.0.1
Audio Editor Deluxe v9.0.1 (2012) | 15.1 Mb
Audio Editor Deluxe is a cutting-edge program for audio creation. It saves the sound you hear into digital audio formats, edits any audio files to perfect them and burn them into audio CDs.
Author: is2it01606, read more

19 November 2010, Section: Software    
Windows 7 Performance Edition

Windows 7 Performance Edition x86/x64 Embedded 2010 | 2.1 GB

This is Prince NRVL with new release. I call it " 7 Performance Edition "
This for those who need the performance in windows 7 ultimate.

In this new era where performance and also visual looks are important.. lol.
Author: bka_pro, read more

6 December 2011, Section: Software » All In One (AIO)    
AVS All In One Install Package v2.1.1.75

AVS All In One Install Package v2.1.1.75 | 340 Mb

AVS All-In-One Install Package - this is great and really powerful multimedia package that I have ever met, consisting of more than 15 applications, such as: AVS Video Converter, AVS Video Editor, AVS Video ReMaker, AVS Video Recorder, AVS Cover Editor, AVS Screen Capture, AVS Audio Converter, AVS Audio Editor, AVS Audio Recorder, AVS Disc Creator, AVS Document Converter, AVS DVD Copy, AVS Ringtone Maker, AVS Media Player, AVS Registry Cleaner, AVS Image Converter, AVS Photo Editor. All programs have a Russian interface.
Author: is2it01606, read more

20 September 2011, Section: Software » Multimedia    

MEDIARevolution 3.7.0

MEDIARevolution 3.7.0 | 24 MB

MEDIARevolution is the All-In-One Solution of a Multimedia Player!

A Player for everything, a central administration of your media on your PC and ever
Author: laser, read more

6 August 2010, Section: Software » Multimedia    
MEDIARevolution 3.1.7

MEDIARevolution 3.1.7 | 24 MB

MEDIARevolution is the All-In-One Solution of a Multimedia Player!

A Player for everything, a central administration of your media on your PC and ever

By its enormous function range and the support of numerous media formats MEDIARevolution is the only Player you really need on your PC! Apart from playing video and audio files as well as DVDs, you get a complete media administration and a digital video recorder. The product rounds useful aid flax for the daily work to an almost inexhaustible Multimedia component system off. Nevertheless it requires only a comparatively small memory and processor extent of utilization. MEDIARevolution is the All-In-One Solution of a Multimedia Player! A Player for everything, a central administration of your media on your PC and everything only to one click far away. Get along on your PC again!
Author: laser, read more

2 July 2011, Section: Software » Operating System    

Best SoftWares MEGA Pack (Windows)- 220 in 1
Best SoftWares MEGA Pack (Windows)- 220 in 1 | 4.4GB

Author: bluestar89, read more

19 December 2012, Section: Software » System Tools    
BSR Screen Recorder 6.1.8

BSR Screen Recorder 6.1.8 | 31.6 MB

Captures video, sound and pictures of anything you see on your screen. Any part of the screen, any window on the screen or the entire desktop can be recorded. You can record your web cam sessions, favorite games, any software on your desktop, any video display on your screen, record audio of what you hear from your speakers, use BSR for your business solutions, prepare video presentations, tutorials.
Author: xiucoi, read more

16 April 2010, Section: Software    
Android apk mega collection

Android apk mega collection | 2.2 GB

All credit goes to dumpers and uppers, especially big1boss and XXPSYB0RGXX. I just consolidated a bunch of apk file.
Author: consaumap, read more

27 July 2012, Section: Software » System Tools    

Resolume Avenue v4.1.1
Resolume Avenue v4.1.1 | 393.6 MB

Resolume Avenue - a powerful tool for live audio visual performance in real time. The principle of operation of this program is very simple. Using the keyboard, and you run mikshiruete video, as well as add various effects to it, which allows real-time to improvise with the video side. The main interface window contains a palette of 20 cells (channels), in which you can download media files. By activating any of the channels - you start to play the video contained therein, in the active layer. The files are loaded into the channels by dragging and dropping from your browser Resolume in the Channels palette. Each channel is activated either by pressing on it with the mouse or pressing a hotkey to it matching, which is displayed in the upper left corner of each cell.
Author: xiucoi, read more

2 July 2011, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Harrison Mixbus v2.0.3
Harrison Mixbus v2.0.3 Mac OS X | 46.1 MB
Language: English, Russian

Mixbus- is a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with "True Analog Mixing"-: a combination of Harrison's world-renowned sound and features in a knob-per-function interface. Mixbus- provides a solution for engineers and mixers who need a recorder, editor and mixing system with world-class sound and features.
Author: golemsonbi, read more

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