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31 May 2011, Section: Games    
Toy Cars-VACE

Toy Cars VACE (PC/ENG)
PC | English | Eclipse games | 29,56 MB
Genre: Racing | Kids
Author: laser, read more

10 May 2010, Section: Games    
World Championship Snooker 2003 (PC/ENG)

World Championship Snooker 2003 (PC/ENG) | 648 MB

This exciting game is a pool simulator, which represents three of its varieties - snooker, 8-Ball and American 9-ball, each of which uses its AI. In this game, you?ll go through World Snooker Championship 2003. Excellent graphics performance and realistic recreation of the atmosphere of the championship, will allow you to get maximum enjoyment from the game.
Author: crab22, read more

14 July 2012, Section: Software » System Tools    

Conceiva Mezzmo
Conceiva Mezzmo | 33 MB

Mezzmo - a program to organize, transfer and adoption of home networks for various media content (images, music, video) multimedia content. You can organize your music library, film library and a collection of photographs. The program is easy to cope with a large number of files (500,000 or more files.)
Author: xiucoi, read more

9 July 2011, Section: Games    
Maestro: Music Of Death Collectors Edition-JAGUAR
Maestro: Music Of Death Collectors Edition-JAGUAR | 715 MB

A mysterious illness has broken out and is causing an entire city to age rapidly and die! Meanwhile, ominous music can be heard wafting through the air? Journey to the quarantined city and find the cause of the deadly disease.
Author: nongdanictu, read more

4 June 2011, Section: Games    
Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale Collector's Edition r1024
Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale Collector's Edition r1024
Mac Os X | Games | 229 Mb
Author: taducthang, read more

2 July 2011, Section: Games    
StarCraft Brood War (Intel Wineskin) (MacOSX)
StarCraft Brood War (Intel Wineskin) (MacOSX) l 1.4 GB
Author: bluestar89, read more

29 May 2010, Section: Movies » TV Shows    
Mad Men - Season 1 - 720p Bluray HALCYON (2007)

Mad Men - Season 1 - 720p Bluray HALCYON (2007)
720p | Language: English | 13x48mins | 1280 x 720 | PAL (23.976fps) | X264 | DTS - 1536kbps | 28.4 GB
Genre: Drama
Author: b1u3eyes, read more

10 June 2011, Section: Games    
Pride Of Nations (2011/MULTI)

Pride Of Nations (2011/MULTI) -Repack by Fenixx | 1.07 GB
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: AGEod | Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Genre: Strategy (Turn-based / Grand strategy) / Top-down

Author: Zipp8106, read more

27 July 2011, Section: Games    
DRAGON AGE 2 : LEGACY (DLC) Cracked [Full Rip/RPG/2011]
DRAGON AGE 2 : LEGACY (DLC) Cracked [Full Rip/RPG/2011]| 844 MB
PC Game| Year: 2011 | Developer: Bioware | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Language: English
Genre: RPG / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person

Targeted by a vicious criminal cartel that are hunting the blood of the Hawke, you must put an end to their relentless attacks. Leave Kirkwall, and journey to an ancient Grey Warden prison in order to find the source of the aggression and uncover the harsh truth about the Hawke lineage. Playable from any point in the Dragon Age II campaign, face new breeds of darkspawn, forge a powerful new weapon and come face to face with an ancient horror.
Author: bluestar89, read more

11 August 2010, Section: Games    
FIFA Online (2010/ENG/BETA)

FIFA Online (2010/ENG/BETA)
PC | ENG | Developer:Electronic Arts | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 2010 | 1.17 GB
Genre: Sport (Soccer) / 3D / Online-only
Author: hoangngaothien, read more

7 December 2010, Section: Games    
Metal Gear Solid: Integral

Metal Gear Solid: Integral
Language: Englilsh | PC | Developer: Konami Corporation | Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios | 682 Mb
Genres: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth

The first MGS explosion effect of a nuclear bomb. He was shocked, brought in a state of lyrical tetanus, put on the spot. He became the first sign of cinematic games or not, even interactive movie! The game is so perfect, licked up hrommirovannogo brilliance and attention to detail that gave the impression that the whole world of video games and cinema has been taken very best to give birth to a masterpiece for all time. Despite this, felt the novelty, originality, conceptual. It was unlike anything he had seen everything earlier.
Author: MirrorsCreator, read more

10 September 2011, Section: E-Books    
Mario Roberto - BJJ Specialist (2009)

Mario Roberto - BJJ Specialist (2009)
DVDRip | AVI / DivX 1492 Kbps | 720540 | 29.97 fps | MP3 160 kbps | 3.29 GB
Language: English | Run Time: 280 min

MarioRoberto is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, former professionalfighter and a full-time mixed martial arts coach. He regularly teachesseminars all over the United States, having guided and motivatedhundreds of students and fighters to reach higher levels ofperformance.Now you can take advantage of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsuexpertise without even leaving the comfort of your home!
Author: eragonbk, read more

17 April 2010, Section: Games    
Corvette  ( FULL ISO )
Corvette ( FULL ISO )

Published by: TDK Mediactive
Developed by: Steel Monkeys
Genre: Racing
Number of Players: 1
Release Date:
US: December 10, 2003
Author: thanhlangso, read more

7 June 2011, Section: Software    
ShiVa 3D PLE Edition

ShiVa 3D PLE Edition | 571.7 Mb

ShiVa 3D - three-dimensional engine that allows you to create games of any type, complexity, and genre. It is possible to create games of different genres: FPS, platformers, adventure games, MMORPG, racing games, shooters.
Author: tanya-j, read more

25 December 2010, Section: Games    
BlazBlue Portable.

BlazBlue Portable
Language: ENG | PSP | Developer: ARC System Works | Publisher: Aksys Games | Release Date: March 10, 2010 | 877 Mb
Genre: Fighting

The high-definition 2D fighting game now comes to the Playstation Portable. BlazBlue is a 2D one-on-one fighting game by ARC System Works (the makers of Guilty Gear.) Produced by Guilty Gear producer Toshimichi Mori, the game features an all-original cast (including many weapon fighters) and uses a four-button control scheme (weak, medium and strong attacks plus an EX button which makes your character perform unique special attacks.) The fighting system is based around players being able to continue combos when opponents are in a down state. On the defensive side, you'll have a number of ways of getting back up when downed, so you don't get pummeled by combo attacks.
Author: boeingbimbim, read more

2 August 2010, Section: PDA & Mobile » Game    
Portable Habitat Rescue: Lion's Pride v1.0.0.8 Eng

Portable Habitat Rescue: Lion's Pride | 39Mb
Author: UiiZii, read more

10 November 2010, Section: Software    
PGWare SuperRam

PGWare SuperRam | 8.51 Mb

SuperRam allows you take control of your computer's memory, how physical memory is allocated and help determine the performance of your computer system. Windows routinely allocates memory to applications, games and system processes; over time the memory becomes completely used handling all of these tasks.
Author: google2012, read more

5 February 2014, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Unity 3D Pro 4.3.4 f1 (x86)

Unity 3D Pro 4.3.4 f1 (x86) | 1.05 GB

Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform engine and development tools, is proud to announce Unity 4.0 is now available. Unity 4 will consist of a series of updates designed to improve the product through an extensive improvement of existing tech and the rollout of new features.
Author: kissyou86, read more

14 June 2011, Section: Games    
Elixir of Immortality (Final).

Elixir of Immortality (Final)Size: 196 MB HF+MU
Author: nhammen, read more

16 April 2010, Section: Software    
iPhone Firmware 4.0 beta 1

iPhone Firmware 4.0 beta 1 | 280 MB

Just a bit more than a year after we first laid eyes on iPhone OS 3.0, Apple is back with the latest big revision of the OS that powers the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iPhone OS 4 is shipping this summer (iPad in the fall), and the developer preview will be out today. iPhone 3GS and new-gen iPod touch will get all the features, but some features won't make it to the iPhone 3G, original iPhone, and older iPod touches. The biggest new feature is multitasking, which Apple says is going to be the "best" implementation in the smartphone space, though it's obviously not the first. App switching is activated by double tapping the home button, which pulls up a "dock" of currently running apps, and Apple claims it can do this without hurting battery life or performance for the front app. Unfortunately, this multitasking won't be available for devices older than the 3GS and new iPod touch. Multitasking is just one of seven different new "tentpole" features, including Game Center, enhanced Mail, and more...
Author: netvietz, read more

23 January 2011, Section: Games    

Soap.Opera.Dash.v1.0.1.128-TE | 61 MB
Author: devilreload, read more

10 October 2012, Section: Games    
Condemned: Criminal Origins (2006/multi2/Repack by RG Mechanics)
Condemned: Criminal Origins (2006/multi2/Repack by RG Mechanics)
2006 | PC | Language & Sound language : Russian, English | Developer : Monolith Productions | Publisher : SEGA | 2.29GB
Genre : Action / 3D / 1st Person

Easy steps madness, screaming in the silence of the night, the ghosts get lost consciousness ... Condemned: Criminal Origins will open before you the doors of paranoia. What motivates geeks in their wickedness? What dark swirls in my head a serial killer? Why are decent-looking people break away from the bloody abyss of schizophrenia?
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

4 July 2011, Section: Games    
Release: 2 april 2009 by AVENGED
Genre: RACiNG/ADVENTURE | Developer: King Cab Team
Language: English | PC game
Size: 162.83 MB | FS+FSN+WU+ULS
Author: Frenzz, read more

23 December 2010, Section: Games    
Shoecake Games LinkLines 2.0.3

Shoecake Games LinkLines 2.0.3 | 5 MB

LinkLines is a remake of the classic Lines arcade puzzle game. The object of the game is to Link five balls of the same color to form a line in any direction. Create lines to stop the board from filling up!
Author: laser, read more

18 October 2010, Section: Music    
VA - House Vip (16.10.10)

VA - House Vip (16.10.10)
Electro House | 320 kbps | 128 MB
Author: BinhBasket, read more

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