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28 March 2011, Section: Graphics » Wallpapers    

Collection of girls 450

Collection of girls 450
694jpg | 1024x768--4800x3800 | 254 Mb
Author: 2kkl, read more

24 August 2011, Section: E-Books    
G. Fred Asbell Instinctive Shooting (2007) DVD

G. Fred Asbell Instinctive Shooting (2007) DVD
Language: English | 00:51:33 | 720 x 480 | VOB | 29.97fps | AC3 - 192Kbps | 3.01 GB
Genre: eLearning
Author: dlsoftsdotnet, read more

6 September 2010, Section: Movies    
Cutthroat Island (1995) m720p - scOrp

Cutthroat Island (1995) m720p ? scOrp
m720p | English | 02:00:00 | 1280x544 | X264 | AAC | 650 MB
Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Romance

Plot: Morgan Adams and her slave, William Shaw, are on a quest to recover the three portions of a treasure map. Unfortunately, the final portion is held by her murderous uncle, Dawg. Her crew is skeptical of her leadership abilities, so she must complete her quest before they mutiny against her. This is made yet more difficult by the efforts of the British crown to end her piratical raids.
Author: viethak, read more

14 May 2010, Section: Software    
Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro 4.92

Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro 4.92 |6MB

Super Flexible File Synchronizer - A regular update a powerful tool to synchronize and backup files. The program supports synchronization with the server via FTP protocol, works with zip archives, supports data encryption, a built-in scheduler.

Application allows you to save settings in multiple profiles, allows you to set filters and masks to determine the exact terms of synchronization. Smart feature allows you to temporarily skip the file, running some application to proceed to synchronize again later. Minimum load CPU.

Back up your data and synchronize PCs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space. You can set up as many different jobs as you need and run them manually or using the scheduler. The software comes with support for FTP, SSH, HTTP, WebDAV, and Amazon S3. You can use ZIP compression and data encryption. On Windows NT/2000 or higher, the scheduler can run as a service - without users having to log on. There are powerful synchronization modes, including Standard Copying, Exact Download, and SmartTracking.

? Synchronizes or Backs Up Files and complete folder structures in different locations, such as a PC, laptop, or online storage. There are no limits in terms of file sizes, the number of files, or filename lengths. The program fully supports Unicode characters so that it can copy filenames in all languages.

? Each sync job is saved as a profile so that you only need to specify the settings once. You can run multiple profiles with a single click. You can also run profiles from the command line. Profiles can be created using a wizard, or in advanced mode.

? Includes a scheduler. Schedule the synchronization of your data on a backup hard disk at a convenient time each day, or as frequently as you wish. You can also schedule profiles to run upon shutdown or log-off.

? Internet Support. Supports various Internet protocols, including FTP, FTPS, SFTP / SSH, WebDAV, SSL, HTTP, and Amazon S3 web storage.

? Compression and Encryption Support. Easily zip your files and encrypt them with strong 256-bit encryption. To unzip and decrypt, simply make a copy of your profile and copy in the opposite direction.

? Detects Moved Files. If you reorganized your folders by moving files to different locations, Super Flexible File Synchronizer will detect this and quickly perform the same moves, for example, on your laptop. No extraneous copying!

? SmartTracking. This feature keeps a database of all files so that it can detect file deletions and conflicts. You will find the SmartTracking checkbox on the Modes tab sheet (in Advanced Mode). A separate dialog will appear with related settings.

? Unattended Mode In this mode, no questions are asked while the profile is run. You can specify beforehand which kinds of files may be overwritten.

? Exact Download Mode. If desired, you can create an exact mirror of your data, even if this means that some files are deleted or replaced with older files.

? Copy Locked Files. If some files cannot be copied due to other software accessing these files, Volume Shadowing can be used on Windows XP or later to copy the files. If files can\?t be copied, the synchronizer will continue copying the remaining files, and then retry all those files that were locked, until all files have been copied successfully. A limit for the time spent on retries can be specified.

? Versioning: this feature enables you to keep multiple older versions of each file in the backup. There are several naming schemes available. See also Versioning / Filename Mangling.

? Partial File Updating (or delta copying): this feature copies only the changed portions of files in order to speed up the synchronization. See the Partial File Updating documentation

? Database-safe mode: This mode requires exclusive access to the files to be copied. If exclusive access is not possible, Volume Shadowing is used, or the program will wait until the exclusive access becomes possible.

? Can Use Recycle Bin for older versions of files that are overwritten, as well as for deleted files. This is a fairly unique feature because most programs will permanently replace older versions of a file. Using Super Flexible File Synchronizer, you will have a chance of retrieving overwritten files if you select the appropriate options.

? File Masks & Filters. Numerous ways to select / deselect files and folders are available.

? Daylight Savings Time / Time Zones. Since exact hour time differences can be ignored if the file size matches, you won\?t have any more problems if the file systems of two computers are off by one hour, or even several hours. Whenever possible, UTC (world time) is used to compare the timestamps of files.

? Easy Resuming On Disk Full. You simply make more space and ask the software to continue copying. It can pause right in the middle of a file until additional space is freed.

? Obsolete File Folders. If you occasionally move obsolete files to a specially designated folder, this usually causes trouble with traditional file synchronizers. They will copy the obsolete files back from your laptop right into the folders where you moved them out of. No longer! If you use the Select Folders and Files option, you can specify folders for obsolete files using the right mouse button.
Author: hienkbmns, read more

23 May 2010, Section: PDA & Mobile » Application    
Kaspersky 2010 + 23 May 2010 Keys All versions

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 + Kaspersky Anti-Virus v [FINAL] [XP/Vista/Windows 7] with Activation Key and Application Settings

Kaspersky Internet Security/Anti-Virus 2010 automatically protects you and your family at all times - whether you work, bank, shop or play online. Kaspersky Internet Security/Anti-Virus 2010 has everything you need for a safe and secure Internet experience.
Author: UiiZii, read more

31 July 2011, Section: Software » Portable    

KCleaner is designed to be the most efficient Hard Disk cleaner, tracking every useless byte in order to give you all the ressources you may need for your documents, music, pictures, movies,... It is the first product of this kind featuring a full automatic mode, which works in background so that you don't have to care about when to launch it. As a proof of its efficiency, it often finds up to many Gb not even seen by its competitors so... give KCleaner a try ! And if data security is something you are interested in, you'll love the secured file deletion methods proposed by KCleaner, making deleted files unrecoverable by any known mean.
Author: sergikanter, read more

26 December 2009, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Movie Label 2010

Movie Label 2010 | 15.75 Mb

Easy-to-use yet very powerful software for your movie collection (DVD, Blu-ray, Divx, etc). Automatically download all data about your movies and TV-series from the Internet (including cover art and trailers).
Author: creativelivenew, read more

28 August 2011, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
easyHDR PRO 2.11.2 Portable
easyHDR PRO 2.11.2 Portable
WinApp | easyHDR PRO v2.11.2 Portable | 8 Mb
Author: zzzOzzz, read more

5 April 2011, Section: Software    
All  AKVIS  Software April 2011
All AKVIS Software April 2011
SIZE; 410 MB
Author: eragonbk, read more

21 June 2011, Section: E-Books    
5 Day Fit Chi DVD

5 Day Fit Chi DVD
English | 132 Mins | 720x480 | MPEG2 | 29.97fps 6656kbps | AC3 224kbps | 4.33GB
Genre: eLearning
ThreeTai Chi and two Qi Gong workouts beautifully filmed on a Hawaiian beachand a Rocky Mountain hilltop. Each workout reduces stress and boostsrelaxation with a different set of movement and breathing exercises. TheTai Chi programs are led by David Dorian Ross and CJ McPhee. Theyinclude a get started morning series, a tension releasing afternoonsession and a faster paced energy practice.? The Qi Gong workouts areled by Daisy and Francesco Garripoli. The first focuses on just tenclassic Qi Gong poses. The second is designed to strengthen andrejuvenate your entire body.
Author: eragonbk, read more

31 October 2010, Section: Software » System Tools    
      iCare Format Recovery 2.2

iCare Format Recovery 2.2 | 3.3 Mb
Author: blackstar76, read more

30 July 2012, Section: Software » Portable    
RJ TextEd 8.31 Final Portable

RJ TextEd is a full featured text and source editor with Unicode support, syntax highlighting and code folding. The functionality extends beyond text files and includes support for HTML editing with integrated preview, spell checking, auto completion, HTML validation, templates and more. The program also include support for Topstyle Lite CSS editor, has a dual pane file commander, as well as a FTP client to upload your files. Below is a small list of features available. For a full list check out the features section.
Author: sergikanter, read more

24 September 2011, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended 12.0 MacOSX Pre-Active (2011)

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended 12.0 MacOSX Pre-Active (2011) | 1.13 GB

AdobePhotoshop - this is one of the most popular image editors. AdobePhotoshop allows you to create new images or edit existing image files.Adobe Photoshop graphics editor used to create photorealistic imageswith color scanned images, retouching, color correction, transformationof graphs, color separation, etc. Adobe Photoshop has all the methods ofworking with bitmaps, in this case is to work with layers and uses thecontours. Adobe Photoshop is the undisputed leader among theprofessional graphic editors due to its widest possibilities, highefficiency and speed.
Author: eragonbk, read more

7 September 2010, Section: Games    
Street Racer Europe (2010)

Street Racer Europe (2010)
PC Game | Eng | Developer:Team6 Game Studios Publisher: BHV Software | 611MB
Genres: Arcade / Racing (Cars / Motorcycles) / 3D Interface

Where as any on the streets of major metropolitan conduct streetracing competitions. Thanks to all the elements of a countermovement of street racing (drifting, highspeed races with overtaking on bends, crosscountry race with a rival) are associated with adrenaline in times more than the race on a specially built tracks.
Author: viethak, read more

15 October 2011, Section: Movies » Anime    
Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) BRRip 720p x264 DXVA-MXMG

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) BRRip 720p x264 DXVA-MXMG
English | 2.18 GiB | 01:30:00 | MKV | 720p BRRip | x264 - 3452 kbps | 1280x544 | AC3 - 448 kbps
Sub: UTF-8 - English
Stars: Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie and Jack Black
Writer: Jonathan Aibel
Director: Jennifer Yuh
Rating: 7.6/10 from 27,914 IMDb users
Genres: Family, Comedy, Adventure, Action, Animation
Free Download - FilePost Wupload FileServe FileSonic links - Single Extraction - No Password

Storyline: In the Valley of Peace, Po Ping is revelling in his fulfilled dreams as he serves as the fabled Dragon Warrior protecting his home with his heroes now his closest friends. However, Po and company learn that the murderous Lord Shen of Gongman City is threatening the land with a fearsome new weapon that could mean the end of kung fu. They attempt to stop him, but the panda is burdened with crippling memory flashbacks linked to this villain. Now with China in the balance, Po must learn about his past and find true inner peace against all opposition.
Author: le_taon, read more

29 November 2010, Section: Software » Multimedia    
CyberLink Power2Go v7.0.0.1027
CyberLink Power2Go v7.0.0.1027 | 216 MB

CyberLink Power2Go - a program that allows you to copy discs and burn data, music and media files to various formats, including CDs CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD R9 and DVD-RAM . Music tracks can be transferred from CD to hard disk as files of WAV, MP3 or WMA, that to make audio CD. In addition, this software includes a built-in composite tools that allow you to edit movies and personalize their wheels, providing them with menus and index. And that's not all the features of this processor.
Author: eragonbk, read more

18 December 2010, Section: E-Books    
Oracle Database 11g

Oracle Database 11g Underground Advice for Database Administrators By April Sims
Publisher: Packt Publishing 2010 | 348 Pages | ISBN: 1849680000 | PDF | 4 MB

Today DBAs are expected to deploy and manage large databases with quality service and little to no downtime. The DBA?s main focus is on increasing productivity and eliminating idle redundancy throughout the enterprise. However, there is no magic set of best practices or hard and fast rules that DBAs need to follow, and this can make life difficult. But if DBAs follow some basic approaches and best practices, tasks can be performed more efficiently and effectively.
Author: yuriandrea, read more

27 October 2010, Section: Movies    
Wall Lover (2009) DVDRip

Wall Lover (2009)
DVDRip | Lang: Japanese | Subs: English (hard) | 720x480 | MP4 | x264 @ 1000 Kbps | AAC @ 221 Kbps | 85 mins | 781 Mb
Genre: Drama, Pinku | Japan

Maiko is a housewife who does not satisfied with the sex life with her old husband, Shusaku. One day Maiko's student Kaito and his wife, Ayano, move to her neighbor. While Maiko teaches her new neighbor Kaito cooking, they both discover their mates unsatisfactory.
Kaito's wife Ayana wants to know some wise old man through mating website. She found Mr Dolittle and set up to meet him. When she saw her neighbor Shusaku at the meeting site, she left. She contacted Mr Dolittle that night and set up to meet him again...
Author: viethak, read more

28 December 2012, Section: Music    
VA - Best Blues (2012) FLAC

VA - Best Blues (2012) FLAC
Year: 2012 | Tracks: 40 | Total Time: 3:05:36 | Bitrate: FLAC / Lossless | Total Size: 1.17 Gb. (+3%)
Genre: Blues, Rock
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

22 May 2010, Section: Software » Multimedia    
DVD Cloner 7.30 Build 995

DVD-Cloner 7.30 Build 995 | 10.58 MB

DVD-Cloner is excellent DVD copy software that makes quality DVD backups to DVD-R/RW super easily. DVD-Cloner makes backing up your copy-protected DVD movies simple. With your DVD burner and DVD Cloner software, you pop in the DVD you want to copy in your DVD-ROM and a blank DVD in your DVD Burner and click the button to start the DVD burning process. You can clone your DVD entirely within 2-3 hours, in the same quality as the original. The cloned DVD can be played in any compatible DVD Player. Plus, DVD Cloner is one of the few DVD backup software titles that has a built-in CSS/DVD Ripper.
Author: viethak, read more

15 August 2011, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
I-ON Edinburgh - August 2011

I-ON Edinburgh - August 2011
English | PDF | 102 pages | 34 Mb
Author: tttooommm, read more

21 April 2011, Section: Software » System Tools    
WinMend Data Recovery 1.3.9
WinMend Data Recovery 1.3.9 | 2.3 MB

WinMend Data Recovery - a new version with an improved mechanism for restoring files. The software easily recover accidentally deleted data from partitions FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5. The intuitive interface will work with the program simple user.
Author: eragonbk, read more

10 December 2009, Section: Software    
Avenza MAPublisher v8.2 for Illustrator CS3 and CS4

Avenza MAPublisher v8.2 for Illustrator CS3 and CS

Finally, high-quality map production software that works. MAPublisher cartography software seamlessly integrates over 40 GIS tools into the Adobe Illustrator environment to help you create maps the way you want, how you want. Import the most widely used GIS data formats, including those from ESRI, MapInfo, MicroStation, AutoCAD, Google and the U.S. Government. All GIS data attributes and geographic parameters are maintained, are fully accessible and editable. Export data in a wide variety of standard GIS formats and export documents to Geospatial PDF. Cartography is now faster, easier and better than it has ever been. When used together with Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop, they form the perfect vector/raster mapping package for the Adobe Creative Suite.
Author: creativelivenew, read more

17 September 2011, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Loopmasters Designer Dance FX MULTiFORMAT
Loopmasters Designer Dance FX MULTiFORMAT | 1.18GB

For smart producers looking for the most fashionable FX sounds and samples, Loopmasters are very proud to present ?Designer Dance FX?, a collection of the most upfront, perfectly processed sounds, expertly engineered with the Dance floor in mind.
Author: eragonbk, read more

14 October 2011, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
DiskWarrior v4.3.1107 MAC OSX-HOTiSO

DiskWarrior v4.3.1107 MAC OSX
Language: English
Team: HOTiSO | ISO | 1.04 GB

DiskWarrior recovers your files including your photos, music and videos. DiskWarrior is the safest, most technologically advanced, most powerful utility to eliminate directory damage and recover your files, folders and documents. DiskWarrior is so advanced it can even recover your data from a failing hard drive. Yet all that power is hidden behind one button.
Author: dlsoftsdotnet, read more

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