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28 August 2011, Section: E-Books    
The Coming to America Cookbook: Delicious Recipes and Fascinating Stories from America's Many Cultures

The Coming to America Cookbook: Delicious Recipes and Fascinating Stories from America's Many Cultures
Publisher: Wiley | 2005 | ISBN: 0471483354 | Pages: 192 | PDF | 13,23 MB

Author: everest555, read more

11 March 2011, Section: E-Books    
Collection of PHP 87 Ebooks

Collection of PHP 87 Ebooks

87 ebooks | PDF + CHM file | 394 MB

Genre: Ebook

Huge collection of PHP ebooks.

Enjoy yourseft ! Links are interchangeable

Author: downloadine, read more

9 January 2012, Section: E-Books    
The New Abs Diet Cookbook

The New Abs Diet Cookbook
Rodale Books | 2011 | ISBN-10: 1605293148 | 304 Pages | Epub + Mobi | 12 Mb
Author: yasirjamal, read more

8 March 2011, Section: E-Books    
Monks' Cookbook

Monks' Cookbook by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Himalayan Academy | 1997 | ISBN: 0945497717 | Pages: 102 | PDF | 11 MB

This is just the type of cookbook one might expect to find in the Mystic Trader's collection. many recipes collected over the course of 25 years by monks on pilgrimage, travelling the world, visiting families and temples. Whenever they were offered a particularly scrumptious dish, these monks would coax, cajole and even beg the cook for the coveted secret to take back to the brothers. Many of these recipes are closely guarded family heirlooms handed down through generations. Whatever the mystery behind it, each recipe represents the finest example of gourmet vegetarian cuisine.
Author: Book-share, read more

8 July 2011, Section: E-Books    
jQuery Cookbook  | 5.2 MB

jQuery Cookbook | 5.2 MB

Publisher: O'Reilly Media | 2009 | 476 pages | English | ISBN 10: 0596159773

jQuery simplifies building rich, interactive web frontends.
Author: downloadine, read more

20 March 2011, Section: E-Books    
Keep Life Fresh with Easy Italian Recipes from Buitoni

Keep Life Fresh with Easy Italian Recipes from Buitoni

Silverback Books | 2006 | ISBN: 1596371129 | Pages: 72 | PDF | 14 MB

Whether you're planning dinner for the family or hosting a cocktail party for 20, turn to BUITONI for creative culinary inspiration! From delicious filled pastas to award-winning pesto, BUITONI creates products that create possibilities. With 30 Mediterranean-inspired recipes from which to choose, including Bruschetta with Garlic Shrimp and Whole Wheat Ravioli with Garlic Sauteed Vegetables, this cookbook offers fresh ideas for every night of the week.
Author: Book-share, read more

1 January 2011, Section: E-Books    
Now We re Cooking

Maureen Mackey, ?Now We're Cooking: 43 Authors in the Kitchen?
Benoit | PDF | 1,21 Mb | 126 Pages | 2001 Year
Author: yuriandrea, read more

14 January 2014, Section: E-Books    
The French Laundry Cookbook

The French Laundry Cookbook
English | 336 pages | ISBN-10: 1579651267 | PDF | 71.03 Mb

Author: chexav, read more

30 October 2010, Section: E-Books    
Italian Grill

Italian Grill By Mario Batali, Judith Sutton

Ecco | English | 2008-05-01 | ISBN: 0061450979 | 256 pages | Epub | 45 MB

From Mario Batali, superstar chef and author of Molto Italiano, comes the ultimate handbook on Italian grilling, which will become an instant must-have cookbook for home grillers.
Easy to use and filled with simple recipes, Mario Batali's new grilling handbook takes the mystery out of making tasty, simple, smoky Italian food. In addition to the eighty recipes and the sixty full-color photographs, Italian Grill includes helpful information on different heat-source options, grilling techniques, and essential equipment. As in Molto Italiano, Batali's distinctive voice provides a historical and cultural perspective as well.
Author: Book-share, read more

13 November 2010, Section: E-Books    
The Great Scandinavian Baking Book

The Great Scandinavian Baking Book

University of Minnesota Press | 1999-08-23 | ISBN: 0816634963 | 318 pages | PDF | 11 MB

Beatrice Ojakangas, the author of Scandinavian Cooking and The Finnish Cookbook calls on her Scandinavian heritage and wide-ranging knowledge of Scandinavian baking to produce the definitive book on the subject. The emphasis is on ease of preparation, and all these unusual and tempting recipes will delight readers.
Author: Book-share, read more

16 November 2010, Section: E-Books    
Diabetes Cooking for Everyone: 250 All-Natural, Low-Glycemic Recipes to Nourish and Rejuvenate

Diabetes Cooking for Everyone: 250 All-Natural, Low-Glycemic Recipes to Nourish and Rejuvenate

Da Capo Press | 2008-07-21 | ISBN: 1600940633 | 416 pages | PDF | 12 MB

An award-winning cookbook author, professionally trained nutritionist, and type 2 diabetic, Carol Gelles combines gourmet flair with cutting-edge dietary knowledge in this essential, all-in-one diabetes cookbook. All 250 of the recipes in Diabetes Cooking for Everyone accommodate the dietary restrictions that accompany common diabetes complications by providing recipe variations for reducing fat and saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, protein, or carbohydrates. Plus, each recipe has a GI rating for optimal nutrition and a list of diabetic exchanges to facilitate meal planning. These truly delicious yet easy-to-make dishes address the health needs of everyone with diabetes and nourish the entire family, too.
Author: Book-share, read more

21 May 2014, Section: E-Books    
Xcode 4 Cookbook

Xcode 4 Cookbook
English | 402 pages | ISBN-10: 184969334X | PDF, EPUB | 33.41 MB

Author: chexav, read more

29 February 2012, Section: E-Books    
Python eBook Collection (ReUpload) Python eBook Collection English | PDF | Ebook Collection | All In One | 221 MB
A large Python eBook Collection.
Author: is2it01606, read more

11 October 2011, Section: E-Books    
Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook

Colin Litster, "Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook"
Publisher: Packt Publishing | ISBN: 1849512884 | edition 2011 | PDF | 312 pages | 18.9 mb

Blender 2.5 is one of the most usable 3D suites available. Its material and texture functions offer spectacular surface creation possibilities. It can take you hours just to create basic textures and materials in Blender and when you think of creating complex materials and textures you are petrified. Imagine how you will feel when you overcome these obstacles.
Author: yuriandrea, read more

6 June 2011, Section: E-Books    
C++ Ebooks Collection

C++ Ebooks Collection

various publishers | English | ISBN: various | PDF, CHM | 173 MB
Author: boeingbimbim, read more

20 August 2011, Section: E-Books    
235 Cooking eBooks

235 Cooking eBooks
Publisher: different | ISBN: different | English | PDF | 235 ebooks | 510 MB
Author: yuriandrea, read more

20 September 2011, Section: E-Books    
Weston A Price Foundation - Politics of Food 2010
Weston A Price Foundation - Politics of Food 2010
English | AVI | XVID 527 kbps 25 fps | 854x480 | MP3 128 kbps 44 KHz | 702 MB
Genre: elearning
Author: dlsoftsdotnet, read more

20 October 2011, Section: E-Books    
Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 Cookbook

Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 Cookbook
Publisher: Packt Publishing | 2010 | ISBN: 1849680787 | Pages: 272 | PDF | 6,71 MB

This is a fast-paced and to-the-point handbook, it takes you through the important aspects that you need to know when working with Windows WF. The range of topics that we cover in this book is driven by what the working developer needs to know. It is neither a comprehensive reference to the whole WF architecture, nor a strategic guide to the complete application development lifecycle. If you find yourself working with Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 and you have basic knowledge of C#/.NET Framework/ VB and workflow, this book is for you. It will be best if you know both C# and VB, because WF 4.0 expression can only be written in VB (at the time of writing). With this book, you will be able to enhance your applications with flexible workflow capabilities using WF 4.0. To follow the recipes, you will need to be comfortable with .NET Framework, C# programming, basics of SOA, and how to develop them.
Author: yuriandrea, read more

25 October 2012, Section: E-Books    
iWork for Mac OS X Cookbook
iWork for Mac OS X Cookbook
Packt Publishing (September 2012) | ISBN: 1849693102 | PDF + EPUB | 324 pages | 31.0 MB

iWork is Apple on a shoestring: iWork costs a fraction of the price of full creative suites and yet is packed with the potential to achieve the same results.

With its word processing and design application called Pages, spreadsheet program Numbers, and presentation creator Keynote, the elegance of iWork is its intuitive behaviour which makes it easy to learn and popular with Mac users.
Author: way_vs, read more

3 September 2014, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Mariner MacGourmet Deluxe 4.1
Mariner MacGourmet Deluxe 4.1 | MacOSX | 79 MB
Both MacGourmet Deluxe and MacGourmet enables you to easily create, edit, organize, and share your recipes. Create a shopping list, make notes about wine, beer, and cheese. Search for something for dinner, add to your collection without typing, import from other recipe products. With proprietary cloud support, your recipe collection will be saved and updated without you having to think about it. It's all there for you - recipe management that you can only do on a Mac - in one neat package.

Author: voska89, read more

4 August 2011, Section: E-Books    
Apache Solr 3.1 Cookbook
Apache Solr 3.1 Cookbook
English | Packt (7-2011) | PDF | 300 pages | ISBN: 1849512183 | 2.66Mb

This book is part of Packt's Cookbook series; each chapter looks at a different aspect of working with Apache Solr. The recipes deal with common problems of working with Solr by using easy-to-understand, real-life examples. The book is not in any way a complete Apache Solr reference and you should see it as a helping hand when things get rough on your journey with Apache Solr. Developers who are working with Apache Solr and would like to know how to combat common problems will find this book of great use. Knowledge of Apache Lucene would be a bonus but is not required.
Author: Whisky, read more

21 June 2011, Section: E-Books    
OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook

OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook By Robert Laganiere

P P | 2011 | 304 Pages | ISBN: 1849513244 | PDF | 6 MB

In today?s digital world, images are everywhere, and with the advent of powerful and affordable computing devices, it has become possible to create sophisticated applications manipulating images and videos. Adding special effects, enhancing image features, performing object recognition, and reconstructing 3D information are tasks that can be programmed easily with the OpenCV library, which is a widely used open source library that offers a rich set of advanced computer vision algorithms.
Author: Book-share, read more

6 April 2011, Section: E-Books    
Sauces: Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making

Sauces: Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making by James Peterson

W--ey | 2008 | ISBN: 0470194960 | 613 pages | PDF | 38 Mb

The winner of the James Beard Foundation Cookbook of the Year Award when it was first published nearly two decades ago, Sauces is, in the words of Mark Bittman, "the single contemporary reference on the subject that is both comprehensive and comprehensible." Through two successful editions, it has established itself as a modern cookbook classic?and an essential reference for every serious cook.
Author: Book-share, read more

13 September 2011, Section: E-Books    
The After Effects Illusionist: All the Effects in One Complete Guide DVD
The After Effects Illusionist: All the Effects in One Complete Guide DVD
Publisher: Focal Press | ISBN: 0240811453 | 2009 | PDF + AEP | 592 pages | 715MB
Author: dlsoftsdotnet, read more

26 July 2011, Section: E-Books    
Man with a Pan

Man with a Pan By John Donohue

Publisher: Algon..quin Books 2011 | 326 Pages | ISBN: 1565129857 | EPUB + PDF | 18 MB + 3 MB

Look who?s making dinner! Twenty-one of our favorite writers and chefs expound upon the joys?and perils?of feeding their families.
Mario Batali?s kids gobble up monkfish liver and foie gras. Peter Kaminsky?s youngest daughter won?t eat anything at all. Mark Bittman reveals the four stages of learning to cook. Stephen King offers tips about what to cook when you don?t feel like cooking. And Jim Harrison shows how good food and wine trump expensive cars and houses.
Author: Book-share, read more

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