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Free Full Download Auto plattor 5.0 ver crack

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3 February 2010, Section: Software    
AIO Activators Win7, XP and Vista

AIO Activators Win7, XP and Vista

Author: wadibahi, read more

20 November 2012, Section: Software    
Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate + Portable

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate + Portable | 37.3/64.4 MB

Xilisoft Video Converter is powerful, versatile video conversion software which converts between all popular video formats such as convert AVI to MPEG, WMV to AVI, WMV to MPEG or H.264/AVC video, convert AVI files to iPod formats, etc. No other programs like Xilisoft Video Converter supports so comprehensive video formats including AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, FLV, VOB (the video format used in DVD), DAT (the video format used in VCD, SVCD), etc. In addition, the video converter provides an easy way to convert video file to popular audio file, like MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG, etc. The video converter also supports APE, CUE decoding and audio CD ripping.
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

19 December 2009, Section: Software » Anti-Spyware    
Anti-Trojan Elite 4.8.0 Multilanguage

Anti-Trojan Elite 4.8.0 Multilanguage | 5.99 Mb

Anti Trojan Elite provides a real-time malware firewall for user, once a trojan or keylogger would been loaded, the ATE can detect, block and then clean it in time.

The ATE can detect more than 55000 trojans, worms and keyloggers currently, and the number of malware ATE could clean is growing up very quickly, we collect world-wide malwares, user can using our auto live update feature to get the power to clean these new malwares in time.
Author: creativelivenew, read more

3 June 2010, Section: Software
Power Screen Capture | 5.2 Mb

Power Screen Capture - Powerful capture program all that happens on the screen with high quality as well as capture images from various devices such as DV video and web cameras, TV tuners and other devaysov, in real time. Possible output parameters trapped mother: video and audio codecs, frame size and frames per second, etc. There is also a possibility of water marks and text labels.
Author: mrsyeoni, read more

13 November 2012, Section: Software    
IDM UltraSentry v13.00.0.09

IDM UltraSentry v13.00.0.09 | 23.5 Mb

Digital safety and identity theft are serious risks for anyone using a computer to store data. UltraSentry secures that data by locking and encrypting your most sensitive files and folders for maximum protection, and then securely deleting any old or unwanted data so that it is physically and forensically unrecoverable.

For years, UltraSentry has been the ultimate file/folder military-grade secure deletion tool. UltraSentry 13 is a re-imagined personal security application designed to provide a complete solution for your data security. UltraSentry 13 includes the same powerful secure deletion functionality as previous versions while adding new features and functionality to secure your most sensitive digital information!
Author: way_vs, read more

8 August 2011, Section: E-Books    
PeepCode - Smash Into Vim (ENG)
PeepCode - Smash Into Vim (ENG)
English | 2 hours | 1000x600 | H264 | 25fps 555kbps | AAC 128kbps | 423MB
Genre: eLearning
Developers of all kinds are rediscovering the power of the Vim text editor. Even after several decades it’s the only text editor to prioritize text editing and manipulation over raw input. Few editors can match the efficiency and power that Vim users experience every day.
In this 50-minute screencast experienced Vim master water polo captain and former British intelligence officer Andrew Stewart teaches you the very basics of Vim. You don’t need any previous knowledge of Vim—we’ll take you from the beginning.
Author: Frenzz, read more

4 June 2010, Section: Software » Internet Tools    
CFosSpeed 5.12.1652 Final 32/64 bit

CFosSpeed 5.12.1652 Final 32/64 bit | 7.3 MB

cFosSpeed is a high-performance network driver for DSL modems and routers. Highlights of this program include Traffic Shaping, For DSL modems and routers, Fully compatible with conventional PPPoE drivers, Automatic router detection, Self-calibrating, Highly responsive when used with online games and Peer-to-Peer networks like eMule or Kazaa, and Freely configurable priority classes.
Author: laser, read more

6 February 2012, Section: Software    
JetBrains WebStorm 3.0.1 Mac OSX JetBrains WebStorm 3.0.1 | Mac OSX | 76.4 Mb
The best HTML, CSS and javascript editor is at your fingertips. Navigate through files easily. Use relevant autocompletion for everything in your code. Get notified about code problems on the fly. Complicated languages mixtures with HTML markup or SQL inside a javascript? Check how a modern IDE such as WebStorm handles this.
Author: is2it01606, read more

16 April 2011, Section: Software    
Softwaregy AIO CD (2011/ENG)

Softwaregy AIO CD (2011/ENG) | 687 MB
Author: Zipp8106, read more

25 March 2014, Section: Software » Anti-Virus    

WinPatrol PLUS 30.5.2014.1

WinPatrol PLUS 30.5.2014.1 | 1.2 MB

WinPatrol allows you to control the installation of malicious programs on your computer. The program monitors important system areas (area load, system folders, register), which usually vary malicious programs. Through the program, you can stop the process and disable / enable starup program. The program also allows you to control cookies, delete them based on keyword. WinPatrol monitors and deletes the operating system, various modules and malicious spyware programs such as Adware and Spyware, finds and neutralize some types of viruses, Trojans, viruses, and auto programs that threaten the confidentiality of computerized information. WinPatrol monitors changes in the browser and does not allow the installation of the various bars and spyware modules. Of course, it does not protect your computer is completely different from the attack, but a good complement to secure antivirus and firewall redirector.
Author: girlbigwarez88, read more

22 May 2011, Section: Games    
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD 1.0.1 (2010/ENG/iPad)

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD 1.0.1 (2010/ENG/iPad) | 450 Mb

Author: Poiskovik, read more

5 September 2012, Section: E-Books    
Pro Blog Academy by Ray Higdon

Pro Blog Academy - Ray Higdon
Mp4 | h264, yuv420p, 1440x814 | aac, 44100 Hz - 81 kb/s | 2.2 GB
Genre: Video Traning

You are on this page because you are looking into Pro Blog Academy Program that is being released by Rob Fore and Ray Hidgon. I will give you my honest opinion about this program. Should you buy this program? Can you make money with this Program? Is blogging all that is made out to be?
Author: bluestar89, read more

25 October 2011, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 5.5.4 + Crack (MacOSX)
OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 5.5.4 + Crack (MacOSX)
Author: bluestar89, read more

23 August 2010, Section: E-Books    
Lightroom 2 for Digital Photographers
Lightroom 2 for Digital Photographers
FLASH | English | 960x600 | 8fps ~ 500kbps | MP3 44,1 kHz 1ch 64kbps | 1.99 GB
Genre: Eleaning

This is the most comprehensive video on the market for Lightroom. Learn how to import, organize, develop and output all your captures with effortless ease. Enjoy in-depth coverage, pro techniques, secret tips and Colin's way of breaking down even the most complex tasks into quick and easy to understand techniques. You'll spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the camera!
Country: United States
Language: English
Author: Colin Smith
Duration: ~ 7:00
Sample Files: present
Author: rongtuchien1, read more

11 June 2011, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Watermark Software 4.0

Watermark Software 4.0 | 9.7 Mb

If you are sharing photos to network, you never know what will happen. Someone could take the photos for their own use,or Malicious revised, you might never even know. AoaoPhoto Digital Studio Watermark Software is a professional photo watermark creator. It can helps you add text,image and logo to your pictures to protect your copyrights, only watermarking software can verifies your pictures are protected from unauthorized use. Our photo watermark software is not only watermarking tool, also can add pretty frames for your like, crop images, batch rename and photo resize etc. Watermark software is a fast batch photo processor and support all popular formats.
Author: laser, read more

22 September 2010, Section: Games    
R.U.S.E. (2010/MULTI8) RUSE

R.U.S.E. | PC | 2.41 GB

RUSE - a new look at the possibility of individual generals and soldiers during the Second World voyny.Eto - a chance to show who is smarter, faster, stronger.
Author: tanya-j, read more

12 May 2010, Section: E-Books    
DVD Tutorial Plugin PhotoShop Auto FX Software - Mystical Lighting

DVD Tutorial Plugin PhotoShop Auto FX Software - Mystical Lighting. Size 754MB | English

Mystical Lighting lets anyone apply photo realistic lighting and shading effects to digital images. With this software you can enhance the ambiance of your images and improve its beauty. Mystical Lighting includes 16 visual effects, over 400 presets for instant results and an infinite variety of looks.

Author: Dariver, read more

11 November 2009, Section: Software    

AMS Beauty Studio v1.47 | 5.05 MB

AMS Beauty Studio helps photographers and amateurs to enhance digital portraits by adding that final touch or two. No need to learn or pay for a complex graphics editor! Despite its light weight and simple, easy to learn user interface, AMS Beauty Studio has everything you need to produce beautiful portraits.The virtual photo studio includes tools for retouching skin and removing small defects, tools to try various make-ups and lipsticks right on a digital picture, and even tools to perform some cosmetic surgery on the model`s face. Try that with a bigger and much more expensive product! With AMS Beauty Studio, photographers can enhance portraits without having to learn complex graphics editing suites.

Author: creativelivenew, read more

6 December 2010, Section: Software    
ExactScan Pro 2.12.3 | Mac OSX

ExactScan Pro 2.12.3 | Mac OSX | 14 MB

The new ExactScan Pro version includes an OCR engine to create easily searchable documents with a fingertip on-the-fly. Just select the language from your document in the OCR preferences and start to scan - some number crunching and a few seconds later you receive your searchable document.
Author: jonelyhung01, read more

5 December 2012, Section: Software    
Folder Lock 7.1.8

Folder Lock 7.1.8 | 9.4 Mb

Folder Lock is fast file-security software that can password-protect, lock, hide, and encrypt any number of files, folders, drives, pictures, and documents in seconds. Locked files are undeletable, unrenamable, unmovable, hidden, and inaccessible. You can lock, scramble, or encrypt depending on speed and security. Folder Lock is fully portable, so you can protect your files on USB flash drives, disks, CD-RWs, notebooks, and hard disks, and it doesn't require installation on another PC. Folder Lock protects files in Windows, DOS, and Safe modes, even when you change your OS or boot from a disk. Folder Lock doesn't let you delete its own program folder, and it can't be uninstalled without the correct password. Additional options include Stealth Mode, Hacker Attempt Monitoring, Shred files, AutoLock, Auto Shutdown PC, Lock your PC, Erase PC tracks, 256-bit Blowfish Encryption and Context Menu in Explorer.
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

17 October 2012, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Studio Artist 4 v.4.0.5 Mac OSX
Studio Artist 4 v.4.0.5 Mac OSX | 476 MB

Studio Artist is the first and only software program that can automatically paint, draw and auto-rotoscope. Studio Artist examines a source image or video and then re-renders from scratch in the style you choose either automatically or interactively with just Two Easy Steps. Pick an Auotmatic Paint preset and press action or pick an Assisted Paint preset and let Studio Artist help guide your drawing. You can also manually paint or draw with Studio Artist.
Author: xiucoi, read more

21 August 2010, Section: Software » System Tools    
Driver Genius Professional (ENG/RUS)

Driver Genius Professional (+RUS) | 9.66 MB

Driver Genius Professional manage your PC to get 100% up to date Drivers and optimize PC performance. Driver Genius Professional is a powerful driver manager for Windows that can backup, restore ,search and update your drivers automatically in several mouse clicks!
Author: LuNawes0me0, read more

18 August 2010, Section: Software    
Auto Hide IP 5.0.7

Auto Hide IP and (Portable) | 5.6 MB
Author: number1c2, read more

21 January 2010, Section: Software » Portable    
Corel Painter SP1 Portable

Corel Painter SP1 Portable | 295.3 MB

The most powerful thing in the world of software for drawing and design. In this program available instruments Natural Media, representing a unique digital brushes, materials and textures for decoration, imitating the appearance and the impression created by their real life prototypes. By setting a new standard for digital painting and design, digital art studio Corel Painter has amazing tools for creating tracks, unparalleled performance and offers a completely new system for drawing RealBristle, allowing to simulate the effects of conventional brushes like never before plausible up to reproduce the effects of each individual bristle brush.
Author: creativelivenew, read more

24 July 2011, Section: Software » Operating System    
Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop

Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop
Category: Software

Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop
Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop

Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop (PC/ISO/DVD) | 4.1GB
Author: eragonbk, read more

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