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8 August 2010, Section: Software » Anti-Spyware    
Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Final | 106 MB

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 - the backbone of your PCs security system, offering protection from a range of IT threats. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 provides the basic tools needed to protect your PC.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 - the all-in-one security solution that offers a worry-free computing environment for you and your family. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 has everything you need for a safe and secure Internet experience. Kaspersky Internet Security 9.0 - is a new line of Kaspersky Labs products, which is designed for the multi-tiered protection of personal computers. This product is based on in-house protection components, which are based on variety of technologies for maximum levels of user protection regardless of technical competencies. This product utilizes several technologies, which were jointly developed by Kaspersky Labs and other companies; part of them is implemented via online-services.

Our products for home and home office are specifically designed to provide hassle-free and quality protection against viruses, worms and other malicious programs, as well as hacker attacks, spam and spyware.

During product preparation several competitor offerings were considered and analyzed - firewalls, security suites systems, which position themselves as proactive in defence and HIPS systems. Combination of in-hosue innovative developments and results from analysis gathered through the industry allowed to jump onto a new level of protection for personal users, whereby offering even more hardened and less annoying computer protection from all types of electronic threats - malicious programs of different types, hacker attacks, spam mailings, program-root kits, phishing emails, advertisement popup windows etc.
Author: laser, read more

24 December 2011, Section: Music    
Club Annees 80 (2011)

Club Annees 80 (2011)
Genre: Pop / Disco | Label: Wagram
VBR kbps | 100 tracks | 355 min | 694 Mb
Author: tomaz, read more

21 August 2010, Section: Software    
PGWare SuperRam Portable

PGWare SuperRam Portable | 5.76 MB

SuperRam allows you take control of your computer's memory, how physical memory is allocated and help determine the performance of your computer system. Windows routinely allocates memory to applications, games and system processes; over time the memory becomes completely used handling all of these tasks.

Author: Dariver, read more

12 May 2011, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
Batman Arkham City #1

Batman Arkham City #1

English | CBR | 19 MB

It's been a year since The Joker took over Arkham, and Gotham is still trying to get back to normal in this all-new, 5-issue miniseries bridging the gap between the hit videogame Batman: Arkham Asylum and the exciting, upcoming sequel, Batman: Arkham City! And now, an attack by a pair of super-powered twins increases the threat level and triggers Gotham City's new mayor to call for drastic measures.
Author: Fivan, read more

20 May 2010, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Winamp Pro v5.572 Build 2928 Final

Winamp Pro v5.572 Build 2928 Final | 14 Mb

Nullsoft Winamp Pro is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity media player for Windows. Winamp supports playback of many audio (MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI, etc) and video types (AVI, ASF, MPEG, NSV), custom appearances called skins (supporting both classic Winamp 1.x/2.x skins and Winamp 3 freeform skins), audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins (including two industry dominating visualization plug-ins), an advanced media library, Internet radio and TV support, CD ripping, and CD burning.

Author: Dariver, read more

19 April 2010, Section: Software    
Anti-Virus  ? Avast! Free/Professional/Internet Security 5.0.504

Avast! Free/Professional/Internet Security 5.0.504 | 140 MB

Avast! - Antivirus software that can find viruses on your PC hard disk, in his memory, boot sectors, etc. Supported by a virus scan in the letters, there are blocker script. Virus database is constantly updated and can be downloaded via the Internet. The program is equipped with modules for checking e-mail, Internet traffic, IM and P2P clients. Contains a repository of suspicious and infected files, viruses, and scanning module before loading Windows.

Company Avast!, Popular producer of like antivirus software, today announced its new product called Avast! Internet Security. This software protects personal computers from a wide range of threats to the global network. In addition to the powerful and highly efficient antivirus engine, ensuring the protection of client systems in real time, the attention of users of Avast! Internet Security proposes a set of additional functions. The package included a functional firewall, integrated anti-spam tools desktop virtualization processes (function sandbox). According to the developers, the new software is able to withstand such a widespread threat, as "rootkits", as well as detecting and disabling spyware application.
The program can operate in a screen saver. The interface is made in a rather non-standard, as for anti-virus, as - with support for interchangeable "skins" rather unusual form. It supports all versions of Windows, including x64. There is also Russian-language version. In addition, according to independent testing this antivirus can be recommended as a primary means to protect your PC.

Author: Dariver, read more

30 October 2010, Section: E-Books    
Laughing Saints and Righteous Heroes: Emotional Rhythms in Social Movement Groups

Laughing Saints and Righteous Heroes: Emotional Rhythms in Social Movement Groups By Erika Summers Effler

Publisher: University Of Chicago Press | 2010 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 0226188655 | PDF | 12 MB

Why do people keep fighting for social causes in the face of consistent failure? Why do they risk their physical, emotional, and financial safety on behalf of strangers? How do these groups survive high turnover and emotional burnout?
To explore these questions, Erika Summers Effler undertook three years of ethnographic fieldwork with two groups: anti?death penalty activists STOP and the Catholic Workers, who strive to alleviate poverty. In both communities, members must contend with problems that range from the broad to the intimately personal.
Author: Book-share, read more

3 March 2012, Section: Software
Freemake Video Downloader Portable | 15.3 MB

Freemake Video Downloader - is designed to download videos from popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Video Google, Vimeo. Besides downloading, the program has an option to convert video formats MP4, WMV and MP3.
Author: is2it01606, read more

31 December 2011, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Proteus 7.7 SP2 + Portable

Proteus 7.7 SP2 + Portable | 370MB

Proteus Professional - a software package for computer-aided design of electronic circuits. The package is a system of circuit simulation, based on models of electronic components in PSpice. Also present in the assembly of portable version.
Author: is2it01606, read more

13 December 2010, Section: E-Books    
Durability of Strain-Hardening Fibre-Reinforced Cement-Based Composites (SHCC)

Durability of Strain-Hardening Fibre-Reinforced Cement-Based Composites (SHCC) (RILEM State of the Art Reports) by G.P.A.G. Van Zijl, F.H. Wittmann
Publisher: S/r | 2010 | ISBN: 9400703376 | PDF | 139 pages | 3.8 MB

Strain-Hardening Fibre-Reinforced Cement-Based Composites (SHCC) were named after their ability to resist increased tensile force after crack formation, over a significant tensile deformation range. The increased resistance is achieved through effective crack bridging by fibres, across multiple cracks of widths in the micro-range. Whether these small crack widths are maintained under sustained, cyclic or other load paths, and whether the crack width limitation translates into durability through retardation of ingress of moisture, gas and other deleterious matter, are scrutinized in this book by evaluation of test results from several laboratories internationally.

Author: JustGoodNews, read more

27 November 2010, Section: E-Books    
Management in Physical Therapy Practice

Management in Physical Therapy Practice

F A Davis Co | 2009 | ISBN: 0803618727 | 288 pages | PDF | 13 MB

Here is the physical therapy management book you have been looking for. Written in an engaging experiential style, this three-part text will prepare you to effectively manage your responsibilities as a therapist and to take your first steps as a manager. You ll begin with a brief, yet broad foundation of basic management theories and an overview of the U.S. health care system. Section 2 addresses the major responsibilities of all physical therapist managers in all settings of practice. Section 3 devotes a chapter to each of the practice setting and addresses the unique managerial challenges found in each.
Author: Book-share, read more

21 October 2011, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
Men's Health - October 2011 (Philippines)

Men's Health - October 2011 (Philippines)
English | PDF | 132 pages | 49.1 Mb

Men's Health help Filipino men gain control of their physical and emotional lives. Unlike most magazines that exist solely to entertain, Men's Health also educates its readers. Every tip, phrase, sentence and article is relevant, credible, realistic and motivational. We keep the magazines well-rounded in the local context by using Filipino talents and references. We also back up our content with extensive research both from local and foreign resources. Our tips and workouts are doable even with a working man?s busy schedule. Finally, we inspire our readers to make a positive change not only for their own benefits, but for their loved ones and associates as well.
Author: tttooommm, read more

19 September 2011, Section: E-Books    
Wim Demeere - Pad Man - A Video Guide to Full Contact Partner Training

Wim Demeere - Pad Man - A Video Guide to Full Contact Partner Training
DVDRip | AVI / XviD 1014 Kbps | 512o384 | 29.97 fps | MP3 260 kbps | 390 mins | 3.40 GB
Language: English | Genre: Video Training
Author: dlsoftsdotnet, read more

31 October 2014, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Agilent SystemVue 2013.08 SP1
Agilent SystemVue 2013.08 SP1 | 1.4 Gb
Agilent Technologies Inc. has released an SP1 of SystemVue 2013.08, is a focused electronic design automation (EDA) environment for electronic system-level (ESL) design.

Author: voska89, read more

6 September 2010, Section: Movies » TV Shows    
Community The Complete First Season DVDRip - CLERKS
Community The Complete First Season DVDRip - CLERKS
English | AVi | 175 MB x 25 EPS / 4.27 GB Total | ~25min x 25 EPS | XviD 801Kbps 624x352 | MP3 2ch 149Kbps
Genre : Comedy

A smarmy lawyer whose education is deemed void by the bar is forced to attend a local community college with an extremely eclectic staff and student body.
Author: zerocoolvn, read more

22 May 2014, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    
Opus Creator 9.04

Opus Creator 9.04 | 177.33 Mb

Opus Pro is a visual development tool for Windows providing fast-track design of versatile elearning, interactive applications, stylish database front ends, online games and multimedia with or without programming.
Author: kissyou86, read more

22 August 2011, Section: E-Books    
Bonsai - Works of Divinity

Bonsai - Works of Divinity
English | 49 Mins | 720x544 | MPEG4 | 23.97fps 1422kbps | MP3 160kbps | 505MB
Genre: eLearning
Throughfabulous cinematography and excellent editing this DVD conveys awonderful story: A condensed year in the life of the world-renownedbonsai master Shinji Suzuki.
Author: eragonbk, read more

18 December 2012, Section: Games    
Eternal Sonata PAL XBOX360-DNL

Eternal Sonata PAL XBOX360-DNL
English | Platform: XBOX360 | Release: 28/10/2007 | 6.47 GB
Genre: Other

On his deathbed, Chopin, the famous composer, drifts between this life and the next. In his dreams, happenstance encounters with a young girl facing a terrible destiny and the boy who will fight to save her, leads to Chopin?s discovery of the light that shines in each of us in this enduring tale of good and evil, love and betrayal.
Author: kalong_12, read more

10 May 2011, Section: E-Books    
Usmle Step 2 CS 50+ videos

Usmle Step 2 CS 50+ videos

eLearning | 2.7GB

With over 50+ videos of history and physical exams, audio?s, study guides and patient notes, you will become well-equipped to master data gathering, patient notes, communication, and spoken English. These skills will put you over the top in your preparation for the CS exam.
Author: downloadine, read more

14 October 2010, Section: Software » Anti-Spyware    
ZoneAlarm Pro 9.1.008

ZoneAlarm Pro 9.1.008 | 41 MB

ZoneAlarm protects your sensitive personal and financial data from hacker attacks. It keeps your private information safe from the outside world, and can even track the source of intrusion attempts and map their whereabouts instantly, without exposing your identity or location. For iron-clad firewall protection, choose ZoneAlarm.
Author: laser, read more

7 February 2012, Section: Movies
English | 45 min | mpeg4, yuv420p, 624x352, 29.97 fps(r) | mp3, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 112 kb/s | 349 MB
Genre: Documentary

National Geographic Channel gained rare access to this elite law enforcement agency for the new series Alaska State Troopers. Filmed over 10 months, the series captures a mixture of raw nature and criminal activity throughout the Alaskan wilderness and its remote villages. Follow state troopers from two divisions within the storied organization: the ?blue shirt? Alaska State Troopers, who police the towns and villages, as well as the ?brown shirt? Alaska Wildlife Troopers, who enforce fish and game regulations for both commercial and sport activities...
Author: is2it01606, read more

11 September 2011, Section: Movies    
Bridesmaids (2011) 720p BRRIP x264 ARNT

Bridesmaids (2011) 720p BRRIP x264 ARNT
English | 622 MiB | 02:10:00 | MKV | BRRip | x264 - 668 kbps | 1280x536 | AAC
Release Date: 13 May 2011
Stars: Rose Byrne, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig
Writer: Kristen Wiig
Director: Paul Feig
Rating: 7.4/10 from 26,849 IMDb users
Genres: Comedy
Free Download - FilePost Wupload FileServe FileSonic UploadStation links - Single Extraction - No Password

Storyline: Annie (Kristen Wiig), is a maid of honor whose life unravels as she leads her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), and a group of colorful bridesmaids (Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Ellie Kemper) on a wild ride down the road to matrimony. Annie's life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend is engaged, she simply must serve as Lillian's maid of honor. Though lovelorn and broke, Annie bluffs her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals. With one chance to get it perfect, she'll show Lillian and her bridesmaids just how far you'll go for someone you love.
Author: le_taon, read more

9 November 2012, Section: E-Books    
UWB: Theory and Applications
"UWB: Theory and Applications"
Ian Oppermann, Matti Hamalainen, Jari Iinatti

English | 2004-10-25 | ISBN: 0470869178 | 250 pages | PDF | 3.7 mb
Author: maxposter, read more

19 January 2011, Section: Software    
Wizoo Powered Nord (AKAI)
Wizoo Powered Nord (AKAI) | 96MB

Wizoo Powered Nord is from the German company Wizoo, who are probably better known for their music books, mainly Software and Synth Guides, but have now developed a rapidly expanding range of sample CD's. The advertising for this CD states "This hot tamale makes other digital takes on analog sounds look like refried beans. Watch your sampler sweat when you feed it these killer sounds. Burning basses, red-hot pads, scorching leads, pyro polys and sizzling syncs. This CD-ROM turns your sampler or soundcard into a virtual Nord Lead with 64 patches."
Author: zerocoolvn, read more

26 December 2012, Section: Software    
Avid Symphony 6.5.2-XFORCE

Avid Symphony 6.5.2 | 1.63 Gb

Symphony 6 video editing software has the same features, tools, and workflows as Media Composer?plus advanced color correction, Boris Continuum Complete, and Universal Mastering tools. Available as a software-only solution or as part of two hardware bundles, Symphony provides you with a full suite of editorial and advanced tools to boost your capabilities.
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

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