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Hello, dear visitors of the portal Software Catalog . You can find and Downloads Programs, Software, Movies, Games, Music, and E-Books. Using our portal, you can absolutely free . Bookmark and Share Subscribe
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27 October 2013, Section: PDA & Mobile » Application    
File Expert Pro 6.0.5/2.0.5 HD

File Expert Pro v6.0.5/2.0.5 HD
Android | .apk | 11.71 / 12.09 mb

File Expert is an ultimate app for managing your files on your mobile phones, tablets, personal computers and cloud storage servers. One of the most popular file managers on Android!
File Expert helps you share files with friends over Wi-Fi.
Author: girlbigwarez88, read more

23 October 2011, Section: Software » Anti-Virus    
Dr.Web Anti virus & Security Space Final Multilingual
Dr.Web Anti virus & Security Space Final Multilingual | 100/136 Mb

Dr.Web for Windows provides reliable and highly efficient protection of your system and data regardless what type of the Microsoft operating system is installed on your computer. The Dr.Web for Windows components allow in a real time mode to detect malicious programs from any external sources.
Author: eragonbk, read more

17 October 2010, Section: Games    
Dead Rising 2 RePack 3.73gb -QN

Dead Rising 2 RePack 3.73gb -QN
Dead Rising 2 *FIXED* (2010/ENG/RUS/RePack)
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Blue Castle Games, Capcom | Publisher: Capcom | ISO | 2010 | 3.73 GB
Genres: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person / Horror
Author: quynhnhu139, read more

5 June 2012, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Vir2 Prepared Acoustic Guitars KONTAKT DVDR MERRY XMAS-DYNAMiCS

Vir2 Prepared Acoustic Guitars KONTAKT DVDR MERRY XMAS-DYNAMiCS
English | Windows | Vir2 Prepared Acoustic Guitars KONTAKT DVDR MERRY XMAS-DYNAMiCS | 2.15 GB

Created for both musical use and sound design, Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar is an innovative new collection of instruments featuring creative and esoteric samples and manipulations of various acoustic guitars. Following the tradition begun by Violence, Vir2s virtual dismembering of a solo violin, Fractured features 2.3GB of compressed samples and more than one hundred new instruments with numerous variations and effects built into each. Each patch features the organic goodness of the acoustic guitar, but stretches its timbre in new directions to create previously unheard musical effects. Drum kits were made with mallets, fingernail scrapes, metal scrapes, cardboard scrapes and pouring rice over the guitar. Long evolving pads were built from acoustic guitar samples that blur the line between electronic and acoustic. Fractured also features playable and dynamic rhythmic loops and patterns, multitimbral arpeggiated creations, huge cinematic impacts, gritty electronic drums, gnarly and etherial melodic instruments, and more innovative sonic goodness.
Author: thaolun, read more

11 January 2012, Section: Music    
VA - Dance Top 30 Vol 1 (2012)
VA - Dance Top 30 Vol 1 (2012)
30 Tracks | Release: 2012 | MP3 192-320 Kbps | 300.33 MB
Genre: Dance, Club, House
Author: luffy1990, read more

10 August 2011, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Hype 1.0.4 Mac OSX
Hype 1.0.4 | Mac OSX | 2.6 Mb

Create beautiful animated and interactive web content with Hype! Hype-s HTML5 output works on all modern browsers and mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. No coding required.
Author: zerocoolvn, read more

12 October 2010, Section: Games    
Penumbra: Black Plague

Penumbra: Black Plague | 540 Mb

PC game | Genre:Horror Action Adventure

A first person horror adventure focussing on story, immersion and puzzle solving. Unlike Penumbra: Overture, violence and combat are not even an option - the player has to use his/her wits to guide Philip through his final test, and this makes the game unique in offering a truly dangerous and terrifying experience.
Author: crab22, read more

6 November 2010, Section: Software    
Csi SAP 2000 14.2 (2010)

Csi SAP 2000 14.2 (2010) | 300MB

The SAP name has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analytical methods since its introduction over 30 years ago. SAP2000 follows in the same tradition featuring a very sophisticated, intuitive and versatile user interface powered by an unmatched analysis engine and design tools for engineers working on transportation, industrial, public works, sports, and other facilities. From its 3D object based graphical modeling environment to the wide variety of analysis and design options completely integrated across one powerful user interface, SAP2000 has proven to be the most integrated, productive and practical general purpose structural program on the market today.
This intuitive interface allows you to create structural models rapidly and intuitively without long learning curve delays. Now you can harness the power of SAP2000 for all of your analysis and design tasks, including small day-to-day problems. Complex Models can be generated and meshed with powerful Templates built into the interface.

The Advanced Analytical Techniques allow for Step-by-Step Large Deformation Analysis, Multiple P-Delta, Eigen and Ritz Analyses, Cable Analysis, Tension or Compression Only Analysis, Buckling Analysis, Blast Analysis, Fast Nonlinear Analysis for Dampers, Base Isolators and Support Plasticity, Energy Methods for Drift Control and Segmental Construction Analysis.

Bridge Designers can use SAP2000 Bridge Templates for generating Bridge Models, Automated Bridge Live Load Analysis and Design, Bridge Base Isolation, Bridge Construction Sequence Analysis, Large Deformation Cable Supported Bridge Analysis and Pushover Analysis.

SAP2000 is for everyone! SAP2000 is for every project! From a simple small 2D static frame analysis to a large complex 3D nonlinear dynamic analysis, SAP2000 is the answer to all structural analysis and design needs.
Author: mrkoll0708, read more

19 November 2010, Section: Software » Graphics & Design    

Niksoftware Dfine 2.107 for Adobe Photoshop

Niksoftware Dfine 2.107 for Adobe Photoshop | 58.88 Mb
Author: tomcaty, read more

11 October 2011, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Playback 1.8.5 MacOSX
Playback 1.8.5 | Mac OSX | 13.6 Mb

Playback allows you to share your media with any Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or other UPnP compatible device. It automatically integrates with iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, Photobooth, Adobe Lightroom 2 and more. You can share all content from these applications or choose specific playlists and albums.
Author: golemsonbi, read more

20 June 2011, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
Prototype #0-18 [complete]

Prototype #0-18 [complete]
CBR/ZIP | English | 19 Issues | 296 mb Total
Author: golemsonbi, read more

4 April 2011, Section: E-Books    
18 Android Development - eBooks
18 Android Development - eBooks
English | 18 Ebooks | PDF, CHM | 336.27 MB

Author: haiz2, read more

5 May 2010, Section: Music    
VA - SaG's Indie Electro Rock Playlist (May) (2010)

VA - SaG's Indie Electro Rock Playlist (May) (2010)
Genre / Style: Indie / Rock / Electronic
Quality: CBR 192 kbps / 44100 hz / Joint Stereo | 199.31 MB
Author: phn, read more

11 March 2011, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
VectorWorks 2010 SP4 -  MacOSX
VectorWorks 2010 SP4 | MacOSX | 4.92 GB
For over 25 years Vektorvorks is a world leader in design technologies. The product line Vektorvorks provides professional solutions in the field of architectural design, recreational facilities, landscaping and engineering. More than 450,000 designers in more than 85 countries rely on technology Vektorvorks. This world-renowned architects, prestigious landscape architects, designers in the field of exhibition and entertainment facilities, innovative products and many others. All of these specialists in common - they all use the solution that best meets their highly specialized needs. And you can be one of them.
Author: eragonbk, read more

2 January 2012, Section: Software » Multimedia    

AudioGrail | 3.9 MB

AudioGrail (Formerly K-MP3) is the swiss army knife for everthing that is related to audio files (MP3, MPC, OGG...). It can very easily rename and tag (tag: info such as artist name, album, track title) your files automatically. It can also analyse quality, organize files on your system, find duplicated files and improve your everydays audio experience!
Author: is2it01606, read more

29 January 2014, Section: Software    
Adobe Dreamweaver Cc v13.2

Adobe Dreamweaver Cc v13.2 | 366 MB

Develop more web content, more quickly. A streamlined user interface, connected tools, and new visual CSS editing tools let you code efficiently and intuitively. And now, Dreamweaver® CC lets you share work directly from within the application, and helps you keep up with web standards by giving you access to new features as soon as they're available. Your entire creative world, together in one place.
Author: bestsoft84, read more

2 February 2012, Section: Movies » TV Shows    
Jane By Design S01E05 720p HDTV x264-ORENJI Jane By Design S01E05 HD 720P | English | 42Min | h264 @ 3839 kb/s | 1280x720 23fps | AC3 448Kbps 48Khz | 1.09 Gb Genre: Drama | Family
"Jane By Design" is set to premiere in early 2012. "Jane By Design" (formerly "What Would Jane Do"), a light-hearted drama, follows Jane, a teenager who lands a job at a hip retail company when they mistake her for an adult. Jane soon finds herself juggling life both as a regular high school student and as an assistant to a high powered executive in the cutthroat world of fashion... all while trying to keep her true identity a secret.
Author: is2it01606, read more

25 May 2011, Section: E-Books » Magazine    
Incredible Hulks #629

Incredible Hulks #629

English | CBZ | 22 MB

Spy versus spy meets gamma-powered mayhem as Red She-Hulk (Hulk's estranged wife Betty Banner), partners with a mysterious villain to steal an ancient artifact of unimaginable power. Now it's up to Banner... Bruce Banner, to save the world -- and possibly his marriage. But will Secret Agent Banner be able to keep his domestic affairs from turning into an international Hulk-off? It's a story that will leave you shaken, stirred and SMASHED from 'Planet Hulk' writer Greg Pak and superstar penciller Tom Grummet!
Author: Fivan, read more

13 September 2010, Section: Games    
Blur 2010 full Rip - KL

Blur 2010 full Rip - KL
Blur 2010 full Rip
PC | Developer: Bizarre Creations | Publisher: Activision | 3 GB
Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) | 3D
Author: kalong_12, read more

29 August 2010, Section: Games    
[PC] Thief 3: Deadly Shadows - ENG

[PC] Thief 3: Deadly Shadows - ENG | 267 MB

Deadly Shadows is a stealth game developed by Ion Storm Austin rather than Looking Glass Studios, the original developer of the first two Thief games, (albeit with many of the same people, including the same voice actor, Stephen Russell for the lead character, Garrett), and is a relative departure from the first two games in the series. The game is powered by the Unreal Engine used in Deus Ex: Invisible War engine and unlike the original two titles, Deadly Shadows was developed simultaneously for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox.
Author: Zibert, read more

27 May 2011, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Playback 1.7.5 | Mac Os X
Playback 1.7.5 | Mac Os X | 13.5 MB

Playback allows you to share your media with any Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or other UPnP compatible device. It automatically integrates with iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, Photobooth, Adobe Lightroom 2 and more. You can share all content from these applications or choose specific playlists and albums.
Author: zerocoolvn, read more

25 May 2010, Section: E-Books    
A Prison Diary

A Prison Diary
Jeffrey Archer - A Prison Diary
Mp3 | English | 7:24:07 | 50Kbps 22000Hz | 144MB

Author: vuong87, read more

7 June 2010, Section: Software » Multimedia    
Nucleus SoundLab Viral Outbreak V1.5 REFiLL
Nucleus SoundLab Viral Outbreak V1.5 REFiLL - ASSiGN | 1.78GB

Viral Outbreak is a new soundware product based on the sounds of the Virus* TI hardware synthesizer. Using the power of extensive 96khz multisampling, manual looping and professional preset design, Nucleus SoundLab brings this powerful electronica sound to your productions! Viral Outbreak is available both as a VSTi plugin, and a Reason 4.0 Refill. Viral Outbreak contains all manner of TI-based sounds. Classic wavetables, raw saw and pulse waveforms (sampled at multiple pulsewidths), unison dance leads, breathtaking pads, bizarre formant effects, massive supersaws and even punchy synth drumkits.
Author: BinhBasket, read more

13 January 2010, Section: Software » Multimedia    

Image Line Harmless VSTi 1.0.2

Image Line Harmless VSTi v1.0.2 | 8 Mb

Harmless is an additive synthesizer doing subtractive synthesis. Or if you prefer, a subtractive synthesizer powered by an additive synthesis engine.
Author: creativelivenew, read more

24 July 2011, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Magic Bullet Cosmo 1.0
Magic Bullet Cosmo 1.0
Mac OS X | 2.7 MB

Magic Bullet Cosmo is your secret weapon for perfect HD closeups, glamor shots and age reduction in onscreen talent. Make a 30-year-old model, a 40-something actress and a 50-plus executive look equally terrific?and even better than she had imagined possible?with this quick, professional cosmetic cleanup tool for your video footage. Cosmo smooths skin tones, softens problem areas and fixes blemishes with simple beauty sliders powered by our Colorista II technology. Its default settings were carefully chosen to make your subject look great immediately. We worked hard so you dont have to... cause by the end of the day, everybody needs a little cosmo.
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

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