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9 October 2012, Section: Software    
SpeedBit Video Accelerator Premium build 3039

SpeedBit Video Accelerator Premium build 3039 | 10.4 MB

SpeedBit Video Accelerator will make your videos stream faster and play smoother, reducing buffering problems and video "hiccups". With SpeedBit Video Accelerator Premium you'll enjoy the future of HD videos without the freezing and buffering problems of today. Additionally, with built-in Twitter integration you can Tweet your favorite videos as you watch them. Premium users also receive blazing fast iTunes downloads speeds so you can enjoy all your iTunes music, movie, and TV show purchases even faster.
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

9 October 2012, Section: Software » System Tools    
GeeXboX v3.0 (Bootable HTPC)

GeeXboX v3.0 (Bootable HTPC) | 274 Mb

GeeXboX is an embedded Linux distribution which aims at turning your computer into a so called HTPC (Home Theater PC) or Media Center. Being a standalone LiveCD-based distribution, it's a ready to boot operating system than works on any Pentium-class x86 computer or PowerPC Macintosh, implying no software requirement. You can even use it on a diskless computer, the whole system being loaded in RAM.
Author: champosta, read more

21 December 2010, Section: Software » Operating System    
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Lite Edition for Netbooks

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Lite Edition for Netbooks | 177 MB
Genre: Operating System
FileServe FileSonic BitShare Uploading links

This edition of windows is slipstreamed with service pack 3, and is perfect for low powered laptops, old desktops and netbooks. It is only 177 MB, and when I tested it in Vmware, it took 11 mins to install. It uses ~85mb of ram on first bootup, and on face value, the normal things seem to be there e.g. games, paint, calculator etc. Obviously the upgrade feature has been removed from this cd, so you have to do a clean install.
Author: le_taon, read more

20 January 2011, Section: E-Books    
Solar Cells and Their Applications (Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering)

Solar Cells and Their Applications (Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering) by Lewis M. Fraas, Larry D. Partain

Wiley | 2010 | ISBN: 0470446331 | English | Pages: 648 | PDF | 12 MB

Since the first publication of this important volume over a decade ago, dramatic changes have taken place with the solar market growing almost 100-fold and the U.S. moving from first to fourth place in the world market as analyzed in this Second Edition. Three bold new opportunities are identified for any countries wanting to improve market position. The first is combining pin solar cells with 3X concentration to achieve economic competitiveness near term.
Author: Book-share, read more

19 April 2013, Section: Software    
Gemvision Matrix v7.0

Gemvision Matrix v7.0 | 1.7 Gb

The release of Matrix 7 - the latest version of the popular 3D Jewelry Design Software from Gemvision, LLC. New radical features, most notably the integration of T-Splines modeling functionality, enhanced Gem Tools, and expanded V-Ray rendering capabilities.
Author: bestsoft84, read more

12 November 2010, Section: Software    
Hiren's BootCD 12.0

WinApp | Hiren's BootCD 12.0 | 360 Mb

Hiren's Boot CD is a boot CD containing various diagnostic programs such as partitioning agents, system performance benchmarks, disk cloning and imaging tools, data recovery tools, MBR tools, BIOS tools, and many others for fixing various computer problems. It is a Bootable CD; thus, it can be useful even if the primary operating system cannot be booted.
Author: nhammen, read more

27 August 2011, Section: Software » Portable    
SeaMonkey 2.3.1 Portable

Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple - all your Internet needs in one application. The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop the SeaMonkey all-in-one internet application suite (see below). Such a software suite was previously made popular by Netscape and Mozilla, and the SeaMonkey project continues to develop and deliver high-quality updates to this concept. Containing an Internet browser, email & newsgroup client, HTML editor, IRC chat and web development tools, SeaMonkey is sure to appeal to advanced users, web developers and corporate users.
Author: sergikanter, read more

9 July 2011, Section: Software » For MacOSX    
Playback v1.7.7 MacOSX
Playback v1.7.7 | Mac OSX | 14 MB

Playback allows you to share your media with any Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or other UPnP compatible device. It automatically integrates with iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, Photobooth, Adobe Lightroom 2 and more. You can share all content from these applications or choose specific playlists and albums.
Author: golemsonbi, read more

7 April 2010, Section: Software » System Tools    
Windows XP SP4 Rus (Original version) ?? 06.04.2010

Windows XP SP4 Rus: Given OS is intended for clean installation with load disk. Installation occurs in automatic or ?????? mode after you will choose on what section of the disk to produce installation.
Author: wolfdle09, read more

8 November 2010, Section: Software    
Strata Design 3D CX v6.1

Strata Design 3D CX v6.1
Strata Design 3D CX v6.1-CYGiSO | 870 MB

Author: AndyKool89, read more

8 April 2011, Section: PDA & Mobile » Game    
Real Racing 2 v1.02.02
Real Racing 2 v1.02.02 By Firemint Pty Ltd | 302.22MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Author: zzzOzzz, read more

22 June 2012, Section: Software » System Tools    
Red Wire Impulses BigBox Series
Red Wire Impulses BigBox Series | 3.35 GB

When you're looking to augment your sound with the tone-shaping capabilities of some of the world's most well-loved speaker cabinets, then the BIGBox series is for you. Using the same uncompromising signal chain used in our Speakerbox series, we've set out to capture the magic of giant wooden boxes, with strategically placed holes, stuffed with insanely loud cone-shaped bits of mayhem, and glued together with the blood, sweat and tears of three generations of rock gods, grunts, and goram contenders... or something to that effect.
Author: xiucoi, read more

22 February 2012, Section: E-Books    

Instructables PDF's Volume 1
Instructables PDF's Volume 1
English | PDF | 522 pages | 26 MB
Genre: Hobby/Pastimes
Author: yasirjamal, read more

8 December 2009, Section: ---    

Damnation | 3.9 GB

Sci-Fi Shooter | PC | Blue Omega | En

In Damnation players assume the role of hero Captain Hamilton Rourke as he embarks on an epic journey to reveal the sinister truth behind Prescott Standard Industries, led by industrialist magnate W.D. Prescott. Together with his fellow Peacemakers, Rourke will engage in high-octane gun battles against hordes of drug-enhanced soldiers and steam-powered mechanical monsters to save the country from Damnation.
Author: crab22, read more

19 October 2010, Section: Games    
Singularity (2010) ENG - Repack
Singularity (2010) ENG - Repack
Language : English | Publisher: Activision | Developer: Raven Software | iSO | 2.36GB (5% Rec)
Genre : First-Person Shooter ]

In the dark, Cold War winter of 1949-50 Stalin, the brutal leader of the Soviet Union, had two super weapons: long range missiles and the atomic bomb. But even if his teams of forced labor managed to build a missile powerful enough to carry an atomic payload, Stalin still faced encirclement by the United States and the Strategic Air Command. He knew that he needed another advantage over the United States, one that would ensure Soviet security and superiority. Then came the chance discovery on the remote island of Katorga-12 off the wild Kamchatka peninsula, of a previously unknown material, Element 99 (E99). E99 became the new source of Stalin's hope: a new energy source of unparalleled power. Unfortunately, the new element also yielded a new kind of contamination risk. But these were acceptable risks to Stalin - anything for the advancement of the Soviet people. Even so, on September 21, 1950, driven to complete the project, and in violation of the safety protocols, a Russian scientist, Viktor Barisov, personally triggered a device powered by E99 that caused a catastrophic event that affected the entire island. What happened next is unclear. However, there are reports that Stalin's final dying order was a handwritten scrawl to quarantine Katorga-12. And so the knowledge of the island remained buried...until 2010, when intelligence reports in the west confirm activity on a remote atoll in the Russian Federation's shadow. The world has no memory of Katorga-12. No concept of what may be on the island off the southeast coast of Russia. It is deemed that the world can't afford another Chernobyl - or worse. America's answer is to scramble a stealth flyby of the area. They need recon - and they need it now.
Author: zerocoolvn, read more

14 January 2010, Section: E-Books    
100 Winning Resumes for Top Jobs eB

100 Winning Resumes for Top Jobs | 53.8 MB

Presenting 100 examples of winning resumes, one of America’s leading professional resume writers shares her secrets of writing resumes that have actually led to $100,000+ jobs for her many high-powered clients. A visual feast of outstanding resumes, this rich collection of resumes is organized by key professions.
Author: hienkbmns, read more

19 April 2010, Section: E-Books    
Go for Your Goals (Smart Tapes)

Go for Your Goals (Smart Tapes) by Michael Podolinsky
Oasis Audio 2000-06 | ISBN: 1556780567 | English | MP3 | 13 MB

Podolinsky's style is not at all didactic or 'lecture hall' instruction. With attractive personal style, he taught me the difference between stating a wish or dream, and WRITING clear goals -- goals that I'll use to measure my progress & build my successes. I'm squirming because of his insistence that I include rewards & punishments as one way of keeping myself motivated. But even I - a person raised in a guilt-powered family - can embrace discipline the way Podolinsky outlines it. In our company, we've already employed his lessons, and they've been warmly received & acted upon. I'm receiving reports of "hey, this works!" and "you mean I'm allowed to schedule a life for myself?!"
Author: JustGoodNews, read more

3 November 2012, Section: Games    
Painkiller Hell and Damnation-SKIDROW

Painkiller Hell and Damnation | 4.1 Gb
Publisher: Nordic Games | Developer: The Farm 51 | Language: English | Platform: PC
Genre: Action

Heaven's Hitman is Back With a Vengeance! Evil has returned! Demonic powers are manifesting themselves as a myriad of dark creatures, fighting over the fates of imprisoned souls caught in Purgatory. Once again, it is up to Daniel Garner, in the unenviable position of being the Curse of Darkness and the Toy of Light, to fight his way past hordes of demons and fiends. Questions remain' Can he stop the powerful creatures that stand in his way? Will he ever leave the hell of Purgatory and be reunited with his wife Catherine?� Painkiller Hell & Damnation is a fast-paced, thrilling modern remake of an all-action shooter Classic!
Author: KingOfDCP, read more

25 August 2010, Section: Movies    
Crank High Voltage (2009) 480p BRRip AC3 - FLAWL3SS
Crank: High Voltage (2009) 480p BRRip AC3 - FLAWL3SS
English | AVI | 1.78 GB | 1hr 35mn | XviD 2198 Kbps 720x384 | AC3 6ch 448 Kbps
Genre : Action | Crime | Thriller

Chelios faces a Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart and replaced it with a battery-powered ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep working.
Author: zerocoolvn, read more

30 October 2011, Section: Games    
Rage-SKIDROW (PC 2011)

Rage-SKIDROW (PC/2011)
3 DVDs | 18 GB | sr-rage | Protection: Steam | Release Date: October 4, 2011
Genre: First-person shooter | action-adventure | semi-open world | racing
Gameplay Modes: Single-player | multiplayer
Developer: id Software
Author: alaxupload, read more

11 January 2012, Section: Software    
MONyog Ultimate v4.8.1.4

MONyog Ultimate v4.8.1.4 | 10.21 Mb

MONyog MySQL Monitor and Advisor is a "MySQL DBA in a box" that helps MySQL DBAs manage more MySQL servers, tune their current MySQL servers and fix problems with their MySQL database applications before they can become serious problems.MONyog pro-actively monitors enterprise database environments and provides expert advice on how even those new to MySQL can tighten security, optimize performance and reduce downtime of their MySQL powered systems.As a MONyog user you will know in advance if server resources will soon be running short.
Author: Xyeta, read more

27 November 2010, Section: Movies    
New in Town (2009) m720p - sUN

New in Town (2009) m720p - sUN
m720p | English | 01:36:48 | 1280*720 | X264 | AAC | 600 MB
Genre: Comedy | Romance
IMDB info

Plot: A high-powered consultant in love with her upscale Miami lifestyle is sent to a middle of nowhere town in Minnesota to oversee the restructuring of a blue collar manufacturing plant. After enduring a frosty reception from the locals, icy roads and freezing weather, she warms up to the small town?s charm, and eventually finds herself being accepted by the community. When she?s ordered to close down the plant and put the entire community out of work, she?s forced to reconsider her goals and priorities, and finds a way to save the town.
Author: BinhBasket, read more

19 September 2011, Section: E-Books    
Wim Demeere - Pad Man - A Video Guide to Full Contact Partner Training

Wim Demeere - Pad Man - A Video Guide to Full Contact Partner Training
DVDRip | AVI / XviD 1014 Kbps | 512o384 | 29.97 fps | MP3 260 kbps | 390 mins | 3.40 GB
Language: English | Genre: Video Training
Author: dlsoftsdotnet, read more

2 January 2012, Section: Software » Multimedia    
KC Softwares AudioGrail v7.0.0.117 Multilanguage
KC Softwares AudioGrail v7.0.0.117 Multilanguage | 3.85 MB

AudioGrail (Formerly K-MP3) is the swiss army knife for everthing that is related to audio files (MP3, MPC, OGG...). It can very easily rename and tag (tag: info such as artist name, album, track title) your files automatically. It can also analyse quality, organize files on your system, find duplicated files and improve your everydays audio experience !
Author: is2it01606, read more

10 June 2012, Section: Movies    
History Channel - The Universe S06E07 UFO the Real Deal (2011) DVDRip XviD AC3-MVGroup
History Channel - The Universe S06E07 UFO the Real Deal (2011) DVDRip XviD AC3-MVGroup
Language: English
00:44:02 | 832x464 | XviD - 2170Kbps | 23.976fps | AC3 - 192Kbps | 745MB
Genre: Documentary

Many argue that flying saucers and other extra-terrestrial space ships continuously visit the earth. If that were true, what kinds of technologies would such alien spacecraft require* And do eyewitness reports of UFO sightings jibe with modern theories of how interstellar travel might be possible* Authors, astronomers and theoretical physicists weigh in with the blueprints for inertia-canceling devices, nuclear-powered craft, antimatter propulsion systems and even warp drives. Based on Einsteins theories and countless scientific studies, well find out how these visitors might bridge the vast distances between the stars. And if they could survive such hazardous journeys, are they flesh and blood or intelligent machines?
Author: thaolun, read more

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